Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why are you here?

Here is Thursday's closing bar chart of the Nasdaq chart posted earlier:

Wow, big rally ended up hardly making a dent in the chart. From early November, this index has basically gone nowhere. Much ado about essentially nothing. Find me a chart of a new bull market that started like the chart above and I'll post it.


After five years, I've added to my Profile, on the right. Now it is required reading for this course. Your final exam will rely heavily on the concepts contained therein. In fact, I'll give you the first exam question now, so you can be thinking about it:

Why are you here?



Anonymous said...

Why am I here, Allan ???

geez, you mean you have to ask ???

okay, I love your work and I try to learn and get something out of it ...

Anonymous said...

Allan, In one complicated word "friendship", I feel I have found it here. Fellowship might also apply but that would mean adding another complicated word so I will leave it at "friendship."
Warmest regards, Joe/NYC

Anonymous said...


You may want to check PureSpectrum (PSPM) which has increased five-fold in the last 6 months to the $0.70 level.

It has patents worldwide on its green technology for the Compact Florescent Light(CFL) bulb.

The Management has transitioned the company from a development to an operating one. It has appointed (today) a Board with outside independent directors, has set up an IT staff for systems as well as engaged a reputable outside marketing and PR company. It has orders with distributors and large retailers, and power utilities pending its imminent UAL approval of its product which it tested and passed successfully in its lab.

Its products will be exhibited at the trade show (LightFair) in New York city beginning May 5th.

The management has prepared its staff for Sarbanes Oxley accounting, has applied to a stock exchange for listing.
All these factors will be coming together over the next few weeks.

PureSpectrum was recommended to me by an Executive of a large publicly traded company in the US.

Allan, I would appreciate your opinion on PureSpectrum.

Thank you,

Harvey B.

Anonymous said...

Pure spectrum is a "pump-and-dump" shill.

Avoid it at ALL costs.

PENN STATE Eric said...

I'm here because it's better to teach a man how to fish than make him dinner (though I am hoping to eat some of that NNVC when she ripens).

I also enjoy hearing others perspectives and positions as intrepretation is subjective. Oh, and I love pissing contests, ya know, a little banter, gotta get into those every once in a while just to make sure I am still awake.

mlomker said...

So I don't have to subscribe to eSignal or buy Blue Wave. =)

Allan said...

mlomkar: no, you really don't have to subscribe to anything to follow my best ideas, or any ideas for that matter. there are some who like to buy tools and hope that those tools make them better traders. so you will find some of those tools here. i have turned down advertisements from a dozen inquiries, because their offerings were junk. that morphed into only allowing advertisers that I use and find helpful. Others who don't advertise with me get written up anyway, because their products are useful to me. my very best tools are home-made algorithms that are not for sale and therefore are never described with much specificity. tried to give one away, "sally" but it became a nuisance to maintain. intentions were admirable though.