Tuesday, April 28, 2009

S&P trade chart & NNVC update

Here is my main trading chart for intra-day S&P trading. Take a close look, I'll talk about it below.

First of all, note that it is a 13-minute chart. This started out as a compromise between 10 and 15 minute charts, both of which worked well and when I couldn't decide on which one to follow, I comprised with the fibonacci number about mid-way between the two. Happenstance, maybe, but it works.

Next, look at all those cross-currents evidenced by sets of parallel trend channels. That's what all this choppy trading has done recently, generated a lot of sideways action contained between various sets of trend channels. A lot of resistance both above and below current levels, which ever one gives first, that's the one that takes us out of these doldrums.

Although the structure of the EW pattern allows for another high to complete five waves up, I'm not betting on it. A failure seems just as likely to me.

Finally, the FBS is oversold and looks to be turning up. This with the wave pattern suggests a rally pending. But its a weak pattern and the FBS could just as easily go into a trend mode, a down trend mode.

Conclusion: a market like this will chop a trader to pieces. It can't go sideways forever. Well, I guess it can, but not likely. Looking for the next break, either up or down, to put on size.

NNVC update:

This is a Weekly chart. Prices gapped up over a one year downward sloping regression channel and have come back down to kiss the channel good-bye, before exploding up. Classic.



Mike said...

funny....I like those 13 min candles too.

here's an alarm that you can set for 3 in advance:



Anonymous said...

toddler in Texas dies of Swine Flu! My sympathies. Let's see if NNVC can display some leadership!!

footfixer said...

Allan, Should the market take the dive that has been suggested, what do you think will happen to NNVC?


Anonymous said...

Just read the new "Why are you here?

Love it!!!

footfixer said...

Fair enough, Anonymous :)