Monday, April 27, 2009

NNVC - Swine Flu Drug

NanoViricides, Inc. Says Flu-Cide Drug Designed to Destroy All Influenza A Viruses Including Swine and Bird Flu

Already shown to be effective against diverse influenza subtypes such as H1N1 and different clades of H5N1

On Monday April 27, 2009, 7:00 am EDT

WEST HAVEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NanoViricides, Inc. (OTC BB: NNVC.OB) (the "Company"), announced that it is developing FluCide(™), its flagship anti-influenza drug candidate, to work against all influenza types and subtypes. FluCide has been shown to be effective against both common influenza subtype H1N1, as well as two different variants of bird flu subtype H5N1.

The Company has previously announced excellent results in both animal studies and cell culture studies against widely different influenza subtypes and strains. If these results are confirmed in further animal and human studies, then FluCide would likely be considered the best ever drug effective against all influenzas. The Company is communicating its capabilities to various agencies involved in the current epidemic response.

The current swine flu outbreak is significant in that the H1N1 virus causing it is novel ( The US Department of Homeland Security has declared a Swine Flu Emergency yesterday. The WHO has said that the outbreak is an emergency of international concern ( The pig is known to be a transitional species for influenza viruses. That means re-assortment (i.e. mixing) of genes from bird flu, human flu, and swine flu viruses can take place in pigs. This can lead to more lethal, drug resistant novel strains to emerge from different existing ones.

"Nanoviricides(™) have clear advantages over antibodies and vaccines as antiviral strategies," said Dr. Diwan, President of NanoViricides. Antibodies are relatively specific to a particular virus strain or subtype. It is well known that HIV and influenza viruses among many others, quickly escape antibodies. Vaccines depend upon the development of antibodies by the host, and thus, cannot protect efficiently against those viruses which are continually changing their character, such as the influenza virus. Influenza vaccines in particular have to be developed with the strain that is expected to infect in the next year’s cycle. It is well known that this is not a failure-proof strategy for epidemic-causing strains that are novel.


Anonymous said...

Can you show me where in that press release it says the drug is effecetive against the swine flu? I must have missed it.

abot said...

sva + 62%
nvax + 128%
avii +37%
bcrx +59%

premarket. How to shoot such fast moving target?

Anonymous said...

"Can you show me where in that press release it says the drug is effecetive against the swine flu? I must have missed it.

H1N1 is similar to Swine Flu

Anonymous said...

abot, just wait for pullback, it always come ...

may be not today or even tomorrow, but it will this week ...

Anonymous said...

I hope they are smart enough to put out another PR midweek!!

cruiseguy said...

I just sold some of my 1/5 of my position of NNVC. Thanks Allan!


Anonymous said...

As you said would happen, a monthly trade triangle is now in place on NNVC. +100