Monday, April 27, 2009

Flu basket follow-up

Each of the five Swine flu picks are up strongly today, with all but one, NNVC, now below opening prices.

The crisis is not over, in fact it is just beginning, so all five stocks are BUYS at current levels.

Why is NNVC holding its gains and adding to them?

Here is a link to an interview with NNVC's CEO, Dr. Eugene Seymour, done by Ludlow BioVentures over this past weekend:

Dr. Seymour's audio interview

scroll down to middle of page until you see this:
then click on play arrow

Congratulations to all who have had the confidence and belief in this company to hang in for today's gains, which if I am right, are only the beginning of an exceptional run.....the upside of NanoViricides is almost immeasurable. A functional cure for just about any disease that is viral-based. Let your imaginations envelop and run with that one.



YYloger said...

Dr. Seymour's audio interview does not come up... in fact, the page crushes FireFox...

Terry said...

I had no problem playing it.

PENN STATE Eric said...

It's nice to put a voice with a name. Interesting interview as it's a very different approach to thinking about how a virus can be attacked. I have high hopes for this not only from an investors perspective, but from a human view.
'Functional Cure' for HIV? Hello Africa! The Flu? Herpes? If this can really take shape like it appears than not only is this company going to be the talk of the next two decades, but the world will have better things to concentrait on like poverty, hungar, education, world peace, etc. This may free many people of their own insecurities which is everything to an individual and in turn they can get back to contributing to growth and development for the good.

Exciting! Little bumbed the price went up bc I planned on buying more this week but we're already seeing a pull back.

I'd love to meet/speak with Dr. Seymour and I just so happen to be in DC this week for the Food Safety and Security Summit, any pull Alan?...ok, I tried.

If NNVC takes flight like we believe and want it to, Dr. Seymour will be a front-runner for Nobel awards, a historical and scientific legend, and otherwise impossible to get to meet again.

Rcprofit said...

Speaking of the interview....Why do you think big Pharma and the Government passed Nanoviricde up in the past? What about their competition what approach do they take?

He did sound very optimistic… in his pessimistic view about the swine flu spreading and this being a wakeup call for everyone!

Can’t wait for tomorrow… and did like how the stock did hold up rather nice after the big spike and profit taking, had some strength at the end of the day!

Allan said...

Eric, my fund has an office in DC area and i can arrange for you to meet my administrator, would be worth it just to ride in his rolls. Didn't know Dr. Seymour was in DC, not sure you got that one right.

In any case, market has written off flu pandemic, with not much follow-through on basket of stocks. I hope market is right, but fear it is grossly underestimating what we are looking at in the days ahead. Watch for a Tipping Point* and for life to be different thereafter.

*Tipping Point =the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable

PENN STATE Eric said...


I thought Seymour was considered being broguth in to consult the big wigs here in DC with this break out? My bad, can't get everything right.

I'd love the opportunity to even just stop by the Fund office here or meet the good Professor. Is there a specific address? Maybe PM my Gmail account if this is a reality.
Thanks either way.