Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekly Nasdaq 100

Below is a Weekly chart of the Nasdaq 100 index (NDX). I'm posting it because it provides yet another piece of the puzzle, hopefully providing some clarity as to the bigger picture.

What strikes me is are the Channel and the False Bar Stochastic. Although there is room for this index to rise, there is a lot more room for it to fall.

I am not looking for bearish charts.........

............but I keep finding them.



Anonymous said...


GREAT and informative chart. I wish I had thought of it.

Oh, wait a minute, I DID think of it. I guess I am thanking myself.

JK in DC

Anonymous said...

Thx Allan,
Almost same thing i was thinking of
(yr student with honor...)
Something else...i'm starting to be worried about CXM... i don't know what is behind this last decline even i don't know how it can move either ways without volume. got anything to say?

Anonymous said...

Allan, what happened to the last 30 minutes of trading today ???

Gary said...


I couldn't post this to the Anti-Cramer blog but thought you might find this interesting.

Looks like Jim Cramer really knows how to pick great business partners as well as stocks:

Anonymous said...

We going down Allan? All hands to battle stations?

Anonymous said...

You bears ever get the feeling that you're never going to be right, but if you happen to be, scared to death to trade it?

Stop predicting the market, just trade it both ways.

Anonymous said...

"Mauldin: Don't Trust the Rally, But Don't Short, Either"