Monday, April 20, 2009

Chillin' out

Let's not get carried way, not quite yet.

Here's the same chart as was posted Sunday, zoomed in and with the additional bar for the week that began with Monday's trading:

What do we glean from this chart?

That the FBS is rolling over, just above the signal line;
that the weekly trend won't turn down until about 752;
that until that happens, the trend is still up (blue);
and that it takes 16 wins to capture the Stanley Cup, the Red Wings have 14 more wins to go.

Question: Allan, I don't see anything about the Red Wings on the chart.

Allan: That's not a question.

One more thing.

If this were the start of a vicious new decline, it might look exactly like the chart above. But so would a lot of other things, including a shallow retracement. So let's chill out for now.



Edwardo said...

They'll have to get by the Bruins first, and they won't.

Anonymous said...

what about the Los Angeles Kings, they will stop the Red Wings for sure !!!

Allan said...


Your adulation for the Bruins reminds of my years in Law School in Boston, the local fans were delusional back then too. Let's not judge them until they play a real team, like New Jersey or the Capitals, even the Ranger would probably take them to seven games.

At least my fondness for the Red Wings is objective, unbiased, and based on the proven laws of physics.

Anonymous said...


After reading blog posts by you for MONTHS saying the market is about to go down hard while it went straight up and we ALL took a bloodbath:

I am not only "Chillin'" I am frozen to death.


Allan said...


Let's see if you have the guts to go along with your bravado. Send me your IP address,, and I will be sure that you will never be exposed to my Blog again.

If, instead you prefer to have access to AllAllan, I suggest you learn to read my words and not assign meanings other then what is written. I have made my forecast clear as a bell, and the only time I said a crash was imminent was in September of 2008, just before, guess what, the market crashed.

This is as nice a way as I know how to say your post was full of shit.