Tuesday, April 14, 2009


An avid reader has pointed out to me that AllAllan has now exceed 500,000 hits since inception.

The accolades belong to you, the readers of my blog, for your continued support and interest in my work and observations of the human-economic-psychological conditions of our time.

My goals here continue to be to entertain and amuse, while providing market insights that will make everyone better traders/investors, without having to resort to collecting subscriptions to survive, since if my counsel is any good at all, it should be the lone generator of income, with enough left over to cover my time writing. My intention is to make a killing along the way, be it NNVC, or the coming crash, or whatever I come up with next to make a difference in everyone's lives.

A real difference, a seven figure difference.

Speaking of which, I intend to make The Anti-Cramer site more active, so you might want to check it out on occasion for Triangle-related trades and posts.

Again, kudos to all, for bookmarking, reading and supporting these words.



Anonymous said...

Congrats Alan,
Long-time reader, some-time commenter (not always flattering), but always interested in your thoughts and opinions.
Thanks for putting all this out there.

Anonymous said...

Hey man I would love to work with you on The Anti-Cramer site...check out MakeMadMoneyWork.com

Thanks Alan for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Allan.
- Shyam

Singlengle said...


What is the advantage of being an over the counter stock as compared to being in the pink shits

Anonymous said...

Great job, Allan, and congratulations on the success of your blog. Your insight is a joy to read and follow.

Thanks for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Allan, I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise! You give "the little guy" hope.
Thanks again, Doug

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbee to your site. Love your opinions and humble observations. Which charting system do you subscribe to. I've subscribed to EWT, but their charts are much too convoluted.
Please let me know what charting tool you use.
Many Thanks,
I look forward to each blog.
(Love your "Anti-Cramer" site!)

Mike said...

Nice action with GSI this morning...+-8%....especialy nice considering most of the indexes weren't too actionable at the time.

Would have never found it had I not used a scanning technique you described back on Aug 10th of '08.

Just one little example of what I've gleaned from your blog.

I swear....with some discipline, persistance and intent listening to your straightforward approach...it really has gotten me on track to keeping a close eye on things.


Allan said...

Mike, thanks, very gratifying. For those interested in the scan:

As for a quick start idea, let me suggest the Market Club Scans. My favorite scan, one in which several of the trade ideas that I have published here have originated from, is as follows:

(1) 4-week Highs;
(2) Stocks priced under $20;
(3) Average daily volume above 500,000;
(4) US Stock Excahnges only.