Monday, April 27, 2009

NNVC - Interview with CEO

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Highlights of Today's CEO Interview with Ludlow Capital.

Ludlow Capital Group today posted an 18 1/2 minute interview with NanoViricides CEO Eugene Seymour that was conducted by telephone two days ago on the 25th.

The interview is very interesting relative to the current Swine Flu outbreak, and contains some new information about the company's progress toward licensing of it's Flu and HIV drugs.

I have gone through the 18 minute 30 second interview and summarized what I believe to be several important passages, which I present below.

I also was able to "clean up" some of the telephone hum and balance out some of the audio levels, making the interview much easier to understand and more pleasant to listen to. I've uploaded this cleaned up file to some server space:

Dr. Eugene Seymour, CEO NanoViricides, interviewed by Ludlow Capital Group on 4/15/2009

00:00 -- Intros and background of flu viruses. How viruses enter cells and replicate.

07:00 -- Traditional ways to deal with viral illness 1) with vaccines, and 2) with Tamiflu and similar drugs which are typically administered after symptoms develop and attempt to interfere with viral replication.

09:40 NanoViricides presented Flu-Cide data to a major pharma two months ago, demonstrating "excellent results . . . so much better than Tamiflu". The major pharma expressed an interest in moving forward with Flu-Cide.

11:20 -- How NanoViricides' drugs attack viruses, and why they are broad spectrum.

13:15 -- NanoViricides has been spending it's time on HIV and is "in discussions with multiple pharma companies now about our HIV drug . . . we feel that we can achieve what is called a 'functional cure' [for HIV]". CEO Seymour explained his use of the term "functional cure" and described how it is achieved.

15:10 -- Dr. Seymour gave his opinion on the current Swine Flu outbreak, saying "this could be it [could become a pandemic] . . . showing all the signs of 1917 [the beginnings of the Spanish Flu pandemic] . . . it's a perfect storm". CEO Seymour explained what disease characteristics are most conducive to the creation and sustainability of a pandemic.

16:40 -- "We're rushing as fast as we can to build the manufacturing capability to produce a large amount of our drug . . . when you take it it eradicates the virus in the body".