Monday, April 13, 2009



The state of being disgruntled, upset; messed up, sloppy; frazzled, incredibly messed up.

(1) My girlfriend moved out, my dog bit me and my plants all died. I am too scragged to move.

(2) I got caught in a rainstorm the other day, and I looked like a scragged little puppy.

(3) The S&P 500 for the past six weeks:

I can tell my the tenor of your Comments that a lot of folks are having trouble with this market. When this rally ends (and there are now five countable waves up) there will be a whopper of a decline. That's where the easy money will be made. Not now, not in the throws of Scraggle Toothed markets like today.


Between now and the awarding of the 2009 Stanley Cup.

The playoffs start Wednesday night. Thursday for the Red Wings.

You dudes be watching.



Anar said...

offtopic but related to Law:
Goldman Sachs suing Mike Morgan for "" as a lawyer - what do you say Allan?

Allan said...

Anar: In two days, over 137,900 hits. I'd say a very topical piece.

Ariel said...

Just let it run into late Friday, early Monday. And then the market can be ready to show its hand what it will do on the downside. Unless this proves out to be a leading diagonal, it's more likely to be expressing an ending diagonal as part of its structure with bearish implications. I'm still tilting to new lows but will see!