Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not much of a train

ia said... (i'm patiently waiting too. I jumped off the rally train too early)

Allan says:

What train?

Patience my friends. Today's final hour bar generated a short-term Buy on BW's trend model. Looks to me like a few more regular trading hours and the FBS is going to be rolling over toward a Sell signal. If it does and if its confirmed by BW, it may represent our first stab at a significant decline.

That's two big "ifs," in case anyone is counting.



Anonymous said...

Thx Allan,
Off subject, hope nothing wrong with cxm but yesterday it fell too much any thing to say?
After all, its one of yr picks and i'm sure it will recover sooner or later like tgb did...
thx indeed

mlomker said...

The volatility in the last week has permitted quite a few 1% trades but nobody gets rich from that. It's a living, though.