Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something wicked this way comes

This is not how I would have preferred to get rich off of NNVC. But each passing hour seems to be drawing us closer to a global pandemic and a potential world wide health catastrophe. Look at the time stamp of this Press Release by Ludlow BioVentures. Something wicked this way comes.

Nanoviricides, Inc. (NNVC) Research Opinion

Last Updated: April 24, 2009 - 9:17pm EST

NEW YORK--Ludlow BioVentures upgrades its research rating on Nanoviricides, Inc. (OTC: NNVC), a development stage company that is creating special purpose nanomaterials for viral therapy, maintains A- rating, and near-term price target of $2.50 per share based on potential 'swine flu' pandemic. Interview pending.


Recent announcement of an outbreak of a new strain of the H1N1 swine Influenza should put viral research companies, such as NanoViricieds (NNVC), in play this coming week. NanoViricieds utilizes creative and unique nanomaterials for targeting and destroying viruses. The company's nanoviricide(TM) drug candidates are designed to specifically attack enveloped virus particles and dismantle them, as opposed to vaccines which work to prevent the delivery of the virus payload. This unique approach makes NNVC a interesting play in the field of viral therapy, and may hold some very promising cures to a number of viral infections.

To this effect, Ludlow BioVentures is maintaining NNVC rating of A-, but raising its near-term price target to $2.50 to $3.00, with longer-range price target of $5.00 per share.

Pending Investor Interview

Ludlow BioVentures has been in contact with Dr. Eugene Seymour, the President and CEO of NanoViricieds, to discuss this recent swine flu outbreak, and CDC reaction. We anticipate conducting an investor call with the company sometime over the weekend to discuss his take on this breaking news event, and how NNVC could be a strategic player in preventing current and future viral pandemics. Register below for Updates

Officials: 8 NYC Students Probably Have Swine Flu

Swine flu could infect U.S. trade and travel

Swine Flu May Be Named Event of ‘International Concern’ by WHO



Anonymous said...

sheesh! enough with the pump job on NNVC. You will probably get a jump in PPS and I bet 90% of it will come from readers of your blog and those people that they pass the word on to. In other words, a pump and dump -- not that I am saying you are pumping AND dumping. I believe you are sincere in your pump. I just don't think NNVC has the legs to avoid a dump.

Allan said...

You're an idiot. Get the hell of my blog and stay off.

Allan said...


Allan said...

But Mexicans were dying for weeks at least before U.S. scientists identified the strain — a combination of swine, bird and human influenza that people may have no natural immunity to. Now, even controlling passengers at airports and bus stations may not keep it from spreading, epidemiologists say.

Allan said...

Obama’s VisitThe first case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported. The newspaper didn’t confirm if Solis had swine flu or not.

Allan said...

-New swine flu likely widespread, experts say25 Apr 2009 21:06:44 GMT
Source: Reuters

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor

WASHINGTON, April 25 (Reuters) - A new and unusual strain of swine flu is likely widespread and impossible to contain at this point, experts agree.
The H1N1 strain has killed at least 20 people and possibly 48 more in Mexico and has been confirmed in at least eight people in the United States, all of whom had mild illness.
Probable cases also were found at a school in the New York City borough of Queens and experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say they fully expect to find more cases. Here is why:
* This new strain of influenza has shown it can spread easily from person to person.
* It has been found in several places and among people who had no known contact. This suggests there is an unseen chain of infection and that the virus has been spreading quietly.
* This can happen because respiratory illnesses are very common and doctors rarely test patients for flu. People could have had the swine virus and never known it.
* At least in the United States, it has so far only been found in people who had mild illness, another factor that would have allowed it to spread undetected.
* World Health Organization director Dr. Margaret Chan has said the new strain of H1N1 has the potential to become a pandemic strain because it does spread easily and does cause serious disease.
* CDC experts note that while it is possible to contain an outbreak of disease that is in one limited area, once it is reported in widespread locations, the spread is impossible to control. (For full coverage of the flu outbreak, click on [nFLU]) (Editing by Xavier Briand)

Anonymous said...


I know you have been correct in your forecasts throughout much of this market meltdown, and I'd like to thank you for freely sharing your blog, but I just checked NNVC's website. Wow! According to their information, not one product is even in phase I yet! I also did a Pubmed search of their CEO and their president, and they have only published in second and third tier scientific journals, and marginally at that. I'd also add that it looks like their CEO couldn't make it as a professor at USC earlier in his career.

I have a graduate degree in biochemistry and have worked for a multi-BILLION dollar biotech company. This appears to be a classic case of small biotech making obscene claims about unproven technology. Their is nothing of SCIENTIFIC substance anywhere to be found. I am not trying to flame you or NNVC's investors. The stock may well go to the moon, but I think your readers should know that more often than not, the only investors that make $$$ in these schemes are the company's executives when they cash out their stock options after over-hyping their unfounded claims.

A simple question, how does their TheraCour technology derive its specificity for only viruses and have you ever seen any published binding affinity constants for this technology?

Allan said...

I've dealt with scientific types like you for the past five years on this company, beating your chest, telling the world how smart you are, then saying, "Go ahead, prove to me that their science works." No such luck, do your own research. If you don't like NNVC, move on and find another company that fits your narrow-minded parameters of what an emerging developmental biotechnology company should be.

As for me, I've done my homework and am sharing my conclusions openly and unabashedly. But I have no interest in wasting my time on skeptics who in 1975 would have rejected Genentech as unproven or Amgen as too risky.

You and I might actually like each other and/or be friends in other circumstances. But I'm afraid I've already written you off as an academic bigot closed to the opportunities a company like NNVC offers to the risk-takers among us. There is a knack to recognizing potential in stocks, I'm pretty sure I have it and you don't, so why bother?

Anonymous said...

WOW, That says volumes about what's going on here. We have a reader who has experience in the field and he gets hammered for simply expressing some caution.

In addition, I recently read a post regarding NNVC that made it very clear that they are in dire need of capital. They are cutting everything but the coffee deliveries to their officies.

The swine flu scare looks like a last ditch effort to hang on.

Allan said...

I recently read a post regarding NNVC that made it very clear that they are in dire need of capital. They are cutting everything but the coffee deliveries to their officiesYou are a liar.

Allan said...

I see the NNVC bashers are out in full force. Sometimes its hard to tell a legitimate poster from a paid basher and a liar, but the above Comment makes it pretty clear who we are dealing with. Spreading false rumors about cutting everything but the coffee deliveries says it all. Some shorts got caught with their shorts on and over a weekend a global health threat right up NanoViricides ally threatens to soil their shorts before they can get them off. Transparent bastards.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allan,

We've got 8 (or more) students here in NYC with severe Flu like symptoms. Saint Francis Prep has cancelled/suspended many curricular activities untill further clarification of the risks.

We few who have followed your blog for so many years do not need you to engage the newbies. Lets lay low for awhile. History will be our judge. That may be cruel to those who do not remember that she has a good long memory and often likes to repeat herself.
Warm regards, Joe /NYC

Anonymous said...

We have a Matty sighting: What a JERK WAD!

Allan said...


You're right. But this time, the enormity of what could happen if this swine/avian mixture lets loose on an unprotected civilization has me very concerned. That means zero tolerance for those who push such petty agendas against a global health emergency. This is not how I envisioned this stock paying off, I don't wish for it, didn't expect it, but damn, it just keep getting worse.

This is not about me anymore, it's about something bigger then all of us

Anonymous said...


I am anon at 4:51 pm. My apologies if I offended you as an "academic bigot." After a little digging, I just don't see any substance behind this company yet. You may well be right, and the stock may be a 50-bagger. I was just trying to forewarn your readers that their success is far from a certainty in my mind (and no, I'm not trying to "tell the world how smart I am"). Best of luck.

Edwardo said...

For a man who claims to have an advanced science degree, Anonymous, THERE is something a tad fishy about your misuse-not a typo, but misuse- of the word their.

"Their is nothing of SCIENTIFIC substance anywhere to be found."

Anonymous said...

I know very well (From early posts) how your prediction of NNVC move would be in case....
Now,with this upcomming swine flue,got any strategy for getting in and out?Would NNVC hold its gains?What other than NNVC you recommend for us at least for a quick trade?
N.B.Bashers are everywhere don't waste your valuable time with them.

Allan said...

Re: Other beneficiaries of swine flu news-related pops

I have found a couple that should double next week. But the problem is one has a CEO that had a summer job as a camp counselor in his youth, but now runs a huge public company, well, if he couldn't hold down that camp job, why should we invet in his company? Another one has many med pub listings, but I don't know enough to distinguish between top tier or second tier publications, too bad, this one looks like it will triple in a few days. Working on their coffee delivery stats now. Oh, well, we can always buy MRK.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Camp Couselor-ing is a very tough job.

Of some interest, perhaps - on your 2005 mention of the NNVC someone posted a comment and mentioned another nano - Nanoscience, NANS.OB, which now appears to be a pink that then trade at .80 but last traded at .03, whenever that was.

so NNVC wins!

I was in NNVC during the run to $3.75 but not aware of your blog then. Interesting times. This flu business could be trouble all around.

Triple? I guess it depends. Hopefully it runs to $20 on news that Dr. Seymour has been called in to the White House for consultaions .

Anonymous said...

Edwardao @ 8:20 pm,

My mistake, I was in a hurry and did not proofread my post.

You should jump into NNVC with both feet if you are so sure. I wasn't bashing them, just stating that THERE isn't any scientific substance behind THEIR technology that I have seen from THEIR website.

I posed a scientific question to Allan (or anyone else on this blog) about THEIR technology, and I was berated and called an NNVC basher. That indicates to me that NNVC is operating on hope instead of reason that is supported by scientific evidence.

BTW, my question still stands, and amazingly, still hasn't been answered!

Allan said...

The explanation for the lack of a response to the question you posed is that since you will never be convinced of the science and efficacy of NNVC's pipeline, no one here, least of all me, is about to waste my Saturday or Sunday arguing with you.

If you really want an answer, call up Dr. Seymour Monday morning and ask him. That's what I did, five years ago. See if you can find the company's phone number without my help. If you still can't find it by Tuesday, let me know and I'll post it for you.

Elwalvador said...

Man this is going to be HUGE! HAHAHA Look at what Geron (GERN) did when Obama got elected. This was another near bankrupt company whose telomerase cancer and stem cell therapies may or may not work, but it nearly tripled why? Because the fundamentals and the scientific validity of the companies don't matter that much! This "Swine Flu Pandemic" is generating a MASSIVE amount of fear. And that fear will be directed to stocks in the form of people buying these companies. This is the reverse of panic selling, people are going to buy in a manic fashion.

This is going to be awesome. Hopefully, we can avoid a 1919 style pandemic.

Elwalvador said...

By the way how did you guys find out about the Swine Flu? I had Bloomburg on Friday and I don't remember them mentioning anything about the flu.

Do you guys have a news service or something to alert you of big stories like this?

Edwardo said...


I'm already in NNVC. I have been since last year. And if you think you are going to find the science on a web site, you are sadly mistaken.

In the meantime, I know of a small company that has sucessfully developed a thermogenerator that is, in fact, groundbreaking in its processes, but because the MIT scientists (who have been brought in to give the all clear to the financiers) can not explain, via their models, how the generator appears to do what it does, they refuse, despite the generator functioning right in front of their eyes, to green light it. Small minds abound in the world of academia.

You do realize that only this past year was Einstein's 102 year old formula, E=mc2,conclusively proved.

ilene said...

Monday Market Madness - Pandemic Edition!

[Free subscription to Phil's Stock World, go here and sign up:

It’s been a while since we had a flu scare.

We had avian flu a few years ago and the biotech stocks of companies that made vaccine went nuts for a while and then crashed when it turned out to be much ado about nothing. Of course before that was mad cow and that one devastated the beef and restaurant industry, especially in Europe where steak houses went bankrupt as people refused to eat meat so don’t underestimate how fast panic can spread and habits can change when people start dying. The pigs are getting a bad rap this time as this particular virus is a mix of swine, bird and human strains but logic doesn’t enter into these things and if the press is determined to label it "swine flu" then you bet that’s what the public will fixate on.

HRL is a big seller of pork products and could make a big breakdown if they can’t hold $30 but, rather than short them, I prefer to get in on a dip as these things do tend to pass. GSK makes a vaccine and is an obvious upside choice and they’ve been trading well off their highs so make a nice play either way. The June $30 puts can be sold naked for $2.17 and that’s a nice way to enter the stock (or get paid $2 NOT to buy it). Also buying the stock at $29.34 (which pays a 5.6% dividend) and selling the June $30 calls for $1.10 and the June $27.50 puts for $1.05 drops the net entry to $27.19 and an average entry of $27.35 if put to you, a nice discount to the current price (see "How to Buy a Stock for a 15-20% Discount" for details on this strategy). GSK 2011 $25 calls are also pretty cheap at $6.15 ($2 in premium) and we can sell calls against them on a nice run up, perhaps a 1/2 sale of June $30s at $2+ (now $1.10).

NVAX already got a huge pop on Friday when this story first spread and should continue to fly but that’s one of the ones we’re more likely to short as they get overextended. I think my other favorite upside play is MMM, who don’t make a vaccine but do make those blue masks that governments love to give out to make people feel like they’re doing something. It’s hard to get US citizens to go for them but in Asia they love the things and 3M is a great company anyway who held onto half their profits in the last earnings report and are quite the bargain at $57.