Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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NSLIJ Scientists to Present EKC-Cide(TM) Study Results at the GTC-Bio Conference on Ocular Diseases and Drug Discovery

Last update: 7:00 a.m. EDT April 21, 2009

WEST HAVEN, Conn., Apr 21, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NanoViricides, Inc. (OTC BB: NNVC.OB) (the "Company"), reports that Dr. Vivien Boniuk, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, associated with the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (NSLIJ), will be presenting additional results from the animal studies on nanoviricide drug candidates against Epidemic Kerato-Conjunctivitis (EKC). These studies were conducted at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research of the NSLIJ. Dr. Boniuk will be speaking at the GTC-Bio Conference on Ocular Diseases and Drug Discovery on April 21 in Philadelphia, PA.

Both of the nanoviricide drug candidates evaluated in this pilot study were found to be clinically highly effective against EKC caused by an adenovirus in the rabbit animal model. Both nanoviricides significantly reduced conjunctival injection (severe redness of the eye) as well as blepharitis (exudate, swelling, matting of fur). NanoViricides, Inc. has previously announced the preliminary findings of the study as they were received by the Company.

In addition to the significant positive clinical findings reported earlier, Dr. Boniuk will also report that the best nanoviricide drug candidate showed excellent long term results. There were no SEI's (Sub-Epithelial Infiltrates) in animals treated with this nanoviricide (0% incidence). In contrast, in vehicle-treated animals, 83% incidence of SEI's was found, and a 100% incidence of SEI's occurred in untreated infected animals. SEI's are caused by local T-cell mediated immune response to the adenovirus, leading to hazy spots in the cornea. Occurrence of SEI's in the human eye can lead to decreased visual acuity for as long as two years. In all the treated as well as untreated infected animals, robust antibody response was observed to occur as measured by antibody titers on day 21. Nanoviricide treatment thus led to both clinical resolution and immune protection against adenovirus. As expected, no antibody response occurred in uninfected animals.

Long term reduction of visual acuity (poor vision) in severe cases of EKC in humans is caused by the occurrence of SEI's. Thus, absence of SEI's is an excellent indication of a strong therapeutic effect for EKC-Cide(TM) in human EKC.

"These results confirm that our EKC-Cide is likely the best available drug candidate in development against EKC," said Eugene Seymour, MD, MPH, CEO of the Company, adding, "We are now planning to evaluate its effect against herpes virus infection of the external eye."

Together, herpesviruses and adenoviruses are the principal causes of serious viral diseases of the external eye. At present, there is no satisfactory treatment for adenoviral keratitis/conjunctivitis. The potential domestic market for an effective drug against all viral infections of the external eye is variously estimated to be from $500M to billions of dollars.

In another news, the Company has updated the Product Pipeline page on its website ( http://www.nanoviricides.com/pipeline.html). The Company has also added Prof. Thomas Lentz to the Scientific Advisory Board list on its website ( http://www.nanoviricides.com/lentz.html).


Allan said...

I highlighted the quote from Dr. Seymour near the end of this article for a reason. They have a cure for a disease where there is no other effective treatments. The market if estimated at $1/2 to $1B. The market cap of NNVC is currently $77M. They also have six other products in the pipeline all with similar potential.........


Allan said...

One more thing: That estimate of 1/2 to 1B market potential for EKC, is that humans or animals, or both?
The market may be twice as big.....

....with Herpes and HIV coming on strong right behind.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I do believe that stem cell technology has a better potential of treating eye diseases, including conjunctivitis, etc. The FDA has invited ACTC for RPE clinical trials. And it is generally expected that ACTC's stem cell lines are going to be beneficial for treating or curing more than wet and dry AMD.

Allan said...

There is room for more here, but in all my years of trading I have never known more about a company then I do about NanoViricides. I am pitching to my strength here.

Anonymous said...

Allan, what are you doing with your FAZ calls ???

Allan said...


I have a lot of expensive software and proprietary models, so my trading cannot be compared to nor emulated by anyone without the same set-ups. That said, FAZ rises, I buy calls, FAZ falls, I close out and stand aside. This pattern will repeat itself many times, but the last time, those calls run up 400% or more. Absent a set-up like this, all you can do is go out in time buy incrementally, averaging down if FAZ has a day like today. No matter how low it goes, it will see $40 and likely $80 in twelve months.

Anonymous said...

if one should venture into FAZ calls, what strike price and month should one buy ???

Allan said...

It's a $10 stock, why bother with options at all? It's already a 3X leveraged instrument.

Anonymous said...

"No matter how low it goes, it will see $40 and likely $80 in twelve months."

From $10 to $80 is an 800% move... how much would IYF have to be down to support that type of move in FAZ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like NanoViricides will need to raise more cash to continue their studies. Have they made any comments on how or when they will do this?

Edwardo said...

Regarding the math,

If memory serves, and it may not, I seem to recall you saying that NNVC would make those who owned around 10,000 shares, a millionaire at some point.

Also, though I think you underestimate, it will undoubtedly comfort you to know that I agree with you about FAZ. Let me do the math.

FAZ topped at 201, it's recent low was around 8.50.
IF we assume that was the low, then a mere .382 retrace takes FAZ to 76.

Presently I own a small amount of FAZ with an average price of 9.10.

Edwardo said...

That should have read..."it would make those who owned around 10,000 shares milionaires."

Anonymous said...

Friendship, most probably, the most valuable, and the most enduring form of wealth we shall ever know.

Anonymous said...

yes, FAZ is my friend !!!

Anonymous said...

Guys, as an inverse ETF, FAZ isn't a normal stock that will simply "retrace." Do your TA on IYF, and then back it into a value for FAZ, but don't forget to take into account slippage that is inherent in leveraged ETFs.

I own FAZ but not in my wildest dreams do I see it going to $80. Honestly, I'd be happy with a double out of this one.

Forget TA. Mathematically, the odds that FAZ makes it back up to 80 are tiny.

Anonymous said...


Please issue a whitepaper disclosing your "proprietary methodologies" so we can ALL benefit from this board not just your LUCKY FEW hedge fund investors.

Tell us where to download it. I'd like to see these methods so I can analyze them over the weekend. They could be B/S.

Thank you,


Allan said...

Skeptical: Sure, as soon as Coke sends me their formula.

Anonymous said...


I do not see the correlation. A lot of us have been burned on the NNVC disaster (1.20-0.70) and killed on your shorting the market during this giant rebound.

The only people getting rich are your hedge fund investors who are making fortunes.

I live in an 800 square foot studio apartment in Kansas City, where is MY mansion on the proverbial "hill"?

You see my point? Nothing wrong with you personally, just that your public posts wasted everybody while your hedge fund guys are driving Maseratis to their NYC multi-million dollar brownstones and trophy wives.



PENN STATE Eric said...

I guess some of the calls Alans made in the past weren't good enough for Skeptical. Some people will never be happy, even pretty much being given the money and all.

Allan said...

Skeptic: Since you are being civil, I will be too. SInce early March my mantra has been consistent: That we are in a retracement rally and when it ends the market will go down hard. I hope to tell you and everyone to the top tick when this rally ends, but easier said then done. Folks who complain that I have been short for this rally are just plain wrong. In fact, in my hedge fund, I am long this very moment, that's what my models tell me to be. When they flip, I'll go short. Please understand the difference between forecasting and trading.

Edwardo said...

The fact that FAZ is an ETF does not mean that TA is inapplicable. It just may make take a bit more finesse to apply than in other assets. Most gaps get filled, and there are far too many gaps in FAZ for a decent retrace to not occur. I don't necessarily look for 80, though I hardly think that price is unreasonable. But a double in this environment is far too conservative.

The banking system isn't fixed it's condition is simply being masked with a lot of fraudulent sleight of hand and of course, looting of the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you understand how these leveraged ETF's work. It's not a vanilla ETF. Put your charts away, they are of limited use.

The math is complicated, but in a simple example: if IYF was to crash 50% tomorrow, you would expect FAZ to triple. That gets you to the high 20's. So what do you think it would take to get up even close to 80?

Anonymous said...

I was watching it today. It does not move in a linear way (1-3 or other) so I see what you mean. It's some kind of logarythm or exponential movement. At one point when the Dow was up 30 FAZ was around 9. Another time later in the day at about the same level FAZ was 8.80s or so. Not exact but I could see it was different.

I still don't understand it but get what you mean about the $80.

Edwardo said...

Yes, I know it's not "a vanilla ETF" but what precisely is keeping FAZ from making a sizeable move up from here?

Edwardo said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Allen,
My first post. I been in NNVC for over 3 years and it's been a loser. None of the predictions of PPS have come even close. I recall you saying ten months ago that in nine months NNVC should be at $3.00.
When news of MTA came out the stock didn't do anything.
Now with funds due to run out for the company in September how do you see they will be able to survive? Since their last PIPE was at $1.00, I don't think they will get anyone to go for that again even at .50
JMO, would like to hear yours.


Sarah said...

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