Friday, June 05, 2009

Priory Platinum Play

On Saturday, May 23rd I published a Guest Blog from an anonymous long time colleague who wrote as a known member of the Priory of Sion. Among other things, his post recommended going long Platinum.

By the way, this may have been my most controversial post, getting 37 responses ( the most any single post has ever gotten on this blog) with most of the comments ridiculing me, this friend and his organization.

Here is a 60-minute chart of Platinum since the posting of that blog:

Below a 60-minute chart of SWC, my recommended Platinum stock:

Since I don't trade Platinum, earlier today I asked the same individual for an analysis of Platinum's performance in terms of returns in the two trading weeks since that post.

Here is his response:
"Post went up on May 23 but could not be traded until May 25, Platinum was trading at about 1175 for the metal. It closed today at 1293.

"Each future or option is for 50 troy ounces.

"Average initial margin is $8,100/contract (Source MFA Global)

"Each full point represents $50.00 in gains, thus 1293-1175= 118 points * 50= $5,900 in profits since may 25 or 73%+ in 10 trading days or 7.3% per day or about $590/day."

So Platinum futures rose 73% in ten trading days and my Platinum stock pick, SWC, the largest US Platinum producer of Platinum rose from $6.00 to $7.60, for a gain of about 26%. The $5 SWC June calls rose by about 150%.

The question I put to you readers is as follows:

Would you like me to solicit another "Guest Blog" and new recommendation from this individual and his group?



Anonymous said...

yes! yes! yes! And include more details of conspiracies and such.

Joseph said...

Algorithm Allan,
I've been lurking in the digital shadows for a couple of weeks checking in on your site. I do appreciate the advice/insight to the seemingly irrational market you provide. And as we all say out here in the shadows - It's All Allan - so do what you think will provide us with tradable information

Mike said...

will candlesticks be served?

-Mike (in San Antonio)

Adonis said...

Yes, I would like to hear from your friends again.

Anonymous said...

I think we should "make The Priory a Priority." Platinum was still shooting up at the close today.

Wish I were smart enough to take tour friend's advice!

I did make a bit on your other gold plays. But I could live on 7.3%/day.

JK in DC

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you could thank this guy by tattooing the Priory logo on your ankle or possibly on a more private part of your anatomy.

Hopefully, and I have wind that you make be, trading these Priory signals in your fund.

Manuel in Madrid, Home of The Prada

Anonymous said...

So THAT'S how the Knights Templar got so rich, on 7.3%/day.

Beats the heck out of the CD rate- even in the time of the Merovingian Dynasty!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Thank you and your friend.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please.

gwac0 said...

Sure, Never use to believe this stuff but did follow the Bilderberg news this year. Quite interesting.

onegoal said...

Allan, have been following your site for the past week or so, hat tipped by Unbiased Trading site and I appreciate your sharing of your insights and thoughts. Even though I am a life-long Blackhawks fan, I think we at least share the love of a well played hockey game, outcomes aside. Any additional insights or even germinating ideas are always welcome. I personally am watching with interest the Dollar-Bond and Gold/Commodities dance that is coming to a turning point, in my opinion. So many on the (printing of dollars = inflation NOW + nobody is going to buy any more of our bonds and may in fact dump them) band wagon that this particular train seems to be a bit too obvious --- unless you are a Long Term Investor (i.e. I bought into it and will not sell it until the loss becomes too painful at the absolute bottom). I believe that since the Bankers were bailed out, and the unions were bailed out - the only group left to bailout is the main drivers of this economy - the consumer. As absurd as this may sound, I believe the answer may lie in 4% 30 years rate mortgages for all residential property owners liberally dispensed with minimal credit standards and without much regard (50% value to EXISTING loan to be re-financed). I crawling back into my van down by the river now, waiting for what should be another exciting hockey game 5. Best of trades to you. onegoal

David said...

Yes, please.

And if you could, ask him what he thinks about the future for uranium. ;-)

And gold too, for that matter. Gold has always scared me for some reason. All the talk of how it's the most manipulated market in the world makes me not want to throw my hard-earned money at it.

David said...

I also thought you might be interested in this interview with Dines.

Scroll down to Saturday May 9 and download Part 2 in your preferred format.

I'm not a huge fan of his but I do think he has worthwhile insights.

Anonymous said...

And ask if he thinks what should be done between now and when our world as we know it ends in 2012!

Daniel said...

Yes I'm interested in hearing more from the Priory, as a regular reader of your blog. However, I do agree with Onegoal that the reflation trade is starting to look like a crowded trade, the way the short dollar/long commodities trade was in July of 2008. It would be good if you can train your indicators on commodities with an eye open to the possibility that we might be dealing with another Goldman inspired manipulation, which could quickly turn on a dime, after suckering enough investors into commodities at the top (speaking of conspiracy theories!).Is treasury weakness just the opposite side of the same coin of commodity strength? In other words, if commodities sell off again the way they did late last year, the chorus of voices shouting inflation all of a sudden start claiming again that the major danger to the global economy is deflation.
My questions to you Allan is this: can we use the long term weakness in treasuries as a more reliable way to do a reflation trade than commodities? Trend follow by shorting treasuries over the long term on the oversupply thesis. TBT suffers from the same problem as all the other ultras, time decay. My broker can't seem to find shares of TLT to short. Are treasury futures the answer? Allan, very much appreciate your work on the blog and enjoy reading it, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Do the Wings play today? Hope they do better than GM!

My $$ is on the Penguins at least they don't have a goalie like swiss cheese!

sara said...

Dear Allan,

I have a Google Alert for Priory of Sion and you are the first useful alert I have read in the year or so I have been reading these posts.

I might take a renewed interest in the market as a result of finding you. I would like to send you something but was unable to locate your e-mail address on your blog.

Did I miss something?

Thank you in advance,


Allan said...


There used to be an email address up on my profile page, but its not there, I must have removed it after an rate email from low-life.

In any case, for you and anyone else who would like a private word or two:


The Sound Center said...

Another glimpse of Sion's glory would be delightful, in a Trendy kind of way.

Isabel was a quiet young woman, until she met and married Michael - she hasn't stopped talking since. Selling the castle to Nicolas Cage was her best trade.

The Haute-Savoie is charmingly rugged country, particularly around Annecy.

Loving the weekly triangles - thanks and looking forward!

ROB G said...



Anonymous said...

Yes, ask them if they have a holding in NNVC.

dosh said...

Yes, please, give some room to the Priory