Tuesday, June 30, 2009


By special request and for your consideration, three 30-minute charts covering trading in the SPX for the month of June, all with embedded Blue Wave Trend Model signals .



Mystery Chart

I'm curious to see how long it takes one of my readers to identify this third, "Mystery" chart. I'll reserve my comments for now, hoping to generate a discussion of what everyone sees in these charts, in these signals.



Sandy said...

SP500 kagi or 3lb chart isn't it with price action clearly below a defined support now acting as resistance?

Pivot Trend said...

If I remember correctly, this is called 3 line break chart, although I don't know how to use such a chart effectively.

A quick question for allan, is your CCI indicator a customized one, or a standard one? Thanks!

Allan said...

Nice work, Sandy and PT, it's a "3-Point Break" chart, very similar to Kagi and Renko charts and very susceptible to rule-based strategies. More later.

Ubreako said...

Question on NNVC. When studies are being conducted or independant testing is being done. How long do these test phase last ? 12 months? 2 years? Do they present their findings in conferences ? just curious

Allan said...

Ubreako: All of the current testing being done by NNVC is being done my a collection of major pharma, universities and government agencies. They have their own speed in getting things done, out of NNVC's hands entirely. Everything I hear and read suggests that the collective paths to commercialization are still progressing as expected and one by one, results and deals will be coming in the weeks and months ahead. There is noting else we shareholders can do now, but wait and take advantage of weakness in share price before the explosion of material events.

Anonymous said...

Idon't know if my eyes were blinking
but i noticed a link to market club
in this blog now it disappeard
any thing wrong?

Anonymous said...


I am new to this site. Good analysis by the way. What software is producing your renko charts? I noticed the first post with the treng change indicators and these one's you post with blue wave. What software is the first renko chart (black background) from? Any way you can continue to place renko charts on this blogs for semi regular checks of price action and trend? Thanks


Ubreako said...

Allan, thanks for your insights.