Friday, June 12, 2009

Market Club - freebies

I put up a new MC video today on Crude Oil Trading Strategies on The Anti-Cramer.

Also, MC is offering four free INO-TV Technical Analysis Tutorials which provide some basic skills type training for traders:

Free MC -TA seminar videos.

Market Club is one of my few select sponsors, not because I get brownie points for directing eyeballs their way, but because they offer excellent analysis for decent-priced subscriptions and trials and as with the above videos, their free stuff beats the pants off of most subscription sites.



Ubreako said...

Question on NNVC, on CNBC they explain that Baxter has a swine flu vaccinne. Vaccines are only suitable for 1 particular strain while NNVC can attack all strains.

Is this nugget of information accurate ?

Allan said...


Allan said...

Ubreako: You may find this 2006 article of interest:

NanoViricides, Inc. Achieves Broad Success in Initial FluCide-I™ Anti-Influenza Studies;
Company Says That Nanoviricides™ is Now a Proven Platform To Attack Bird Flu

Ubreako said...

thanks for the article. great info.

I shot an email to the company and got a response from Seymour himself. I fell off my chair. He sent me some marketing material and his response was sincere enough.

With the recent WHO announcement...NNVC should be able to seperate itself from the boys and men. Have a good weekend.