Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"One day the bottom will drop out"

The above chart represents a Daily chart of the past six months of the SPX as seen through the eyes of Blue Wave Trend Model, Advanced GET and the Blue Wave Precision CCI Oscillator (bottom panel).

Note how the price bars changed from mostly red to mostly blue around the first week of March. At about the same time, Advanced GET detected a new 5-wave sequence up. Also around then, the CCI Oscillator went from well below it's zero line to well above it's zero line.

Add it all up and what we had was a down trend flipping to an up trend and in the past few days, apparently flipping again to a down trend. This is not a perfect system, but it is several degrees better then guessing.

Not shown are other indicators and trend lines that add to the information gleaned from the chart. Information that is essential in recognizing and navigating through market trends.


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Anonymous said...

I can dig it, stay in cash this summer like my island friends and wait for the truth to bring it all back down.
I don't haffi da dread 'pon my head to make like da rastaman.
That other blog, ya know with his secreative charts and all da games, too much caffeine, he like needs to let the ganjah open his mind to a better form of communication man.