Monday, June 15, 2009

Sell levels

Blue Wave Trend Models

SPX - Weekly Sell below 870.71
Daily Sell below 920.22

SPY - Weekly Sell below 87.59
Daily Sell below 92.62

Market Club Triangle Trend Models

SPX - Weekly Sell below 881.45
Daily Sell below 927.97

SPY - Weekly Sell below 88.31
Daily Sell below 93.20



Michael Lomker said...

Took my first trade with BWT this morning, short at 928.50. Schweet.

Anonymous said...


Could you be more succinct & precise?

JK in DC

P.S. Do you use Ganntrader 3.0?

Anonymous said...

Allan, in your opinion, does the S&P have to close under 920.22, or just touch under it?

Anonymous said...

Can you please give me your opinion of AUY at these levels below $9?

Anonymous said...

Saw your post regarding AUY and was curious myself. Looks like it could find support today at the 9.10 level, with intermediate term trend support at $8.60. *See attached link via their Free Charts section (very useful).,739|914
I used their 'annotate' link and added Fibinacci retracements and a trendline (*Note: not sure if the chart will make it through to this site attached as annotated).
With 8 of the last 11 days down for AUY, best to wait for a proper BUY setup. It will be interesting to see if GLD, SLV and the juniors correct to Fibinacci retracements levels or if we're currently looking at a more substantial downturn for the sector with a strengthening USD.

Anonymous said...

Allan, I understand there is a buy/sell target for BW, but for Market Club, how do you get the weekly and daily sell signal, don't they give us the signal only after it happened?, for 881.45, since we have not get to it, is there any way to get it, thanks!!

Wayne said...

Anon, a triangle changes to green or red if intraday action breaks the highest 3-period high or lowest 3-period low, respectively.