Thursday, June 18, 2009

Insiders - Part II

Above weekly chart of the XLF Financial ETF annotated with the levels of Insider Buying from previous post.

The above weekly QQQQ chart with Insider Buying annotations.

Below, weekly SPY chart with Insider Buying annotations:



Anonymous said...

So the ratio of insider buys to sells should start to shrink signalling a drop in the market. Yes, but how big of a drop? In any case, now is a good time to take bets going short eh? Go big or go home?

Mike said...

nice to see the CCI is back in your charts.


Allan said...


BW's CCI = FBS on steroids

ilene said...

what is cci?

Michael Lomker said...

ilene, CCI stands for 'commodity channel index'. It is a momentum indicator that measures the speed of price movement relative to a moving average of price. The basic theory is that when price moves quickly away from its average it is likely to slow and then return to the average. On BWT's CCI you'll see a blue or red dot when key levels are breached, prodding you to check if there is a trade imminent.

The way that I use it is to watch both the 5 and 60 minute charts and take trades from the 5 min in the direction that the 60 seems to be moving (aka using multiple timeframes).

Other tools like Fib ratios can be used to try to calculate how far price is going to retrace.

Anonymous said...

Allan, what are your thoughts on CEP?...down 17% since your recommendation a week ago...should we jump with our losses? Gary

Allan said...

Gary, can't win them all. I am aiming for 50%, been doing far better then that, letting winners run, while cutting losses short. I posted my stop in the original write up and it has been hit. WIll keep CEP on my radar for next good risk:reward entry.

ROB G said...



Anonymous said...

So how is NNVC doing?

Anonymous said...

Hello Allan,
I certainly would like to express my appreciation for the technical analysis and the variety of other information that you share on your blog.

Would you consider providing an updated wave count and analysis for the XAU, initially targeting 225 from the breakout above 150 and if possible another for the U.S. dollar (USD)?

Best regards and thank you in advance for your consideration.


Brad Zurich said...

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Allan said...

Re: Gold

When the time is right I will feature gold and gold stocks in a prominent series of blogs. Until then, gold is not revealing it's short to intermediate term intentions, i.e. it's just as likely to go down as to go up.

This way, worst case scenario is gold explodes up and we are a little late going all in. But if gold explodes up, it should establish a multi-year advance rendering precise entry of little consequence.

My guess, and it is a guess, is that gold will indeed embark upon a huge bull market, but likely from lower levels. In a way, I am hoping that guess turns out wrong and gold explodes up any day now. That would give us a third class of investment opportunity going forward, (1) Bear market decline; (2) NNVC; (3) Gold and gold stocks.

For now, I am sticking to the first two on the list of which I am much more confident in my analysis. When the time is right, I will add gold to that high confidence list.


Anonymous said...

McCAIN/ Palin:

Had they been elected we would be on solid ground.

The election of Obama, WHO HAS DONE NOTHING is going to wipe your stocks out.

Short it. Short it all.


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. I live in the UK.

What's NNVC?

Cheers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

allan, any comments/thoughts for mid-summer rally in nnvc? also any comments on biotechs as mipi or arna? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Allan....looks like H1N1 may do in a good part of the world population if something miraculous doesn't happen...What are your thoughts? Thanks, Gary