Monday, June 22, 2009

Writing on the wall

Here is my most telling chart tonight; the Weekly SPX:

The seemingly endless Wave 4 up from March seems to be over and absent a last minute reprieve from the Governor, the writing is on the wall.

The 120-minute chart confirms an initial target under 850.

A couple new indicators appearing on my charts are the BW Precision CCI and the Andrews Pitchfork. The latter is available on most charting programs, but I only recently discovered a use for it: Identifying Wave's 1 and 2 of burgeoning 5 wave sequences. More on both indicators in the days ahead.

Finally, here is a very bullish a 60-minute on FAZ:



PENN STATE Eric said...


Don't know if/when we talked about ACTC but they've been on a tear over the last 5 days. I have been into it for a few months now on expectations and it looks like they're finally coming around. Good short chances once it pulls back, probably today. Just a heads up or something to observe.

Allan said...

Eric: ACTC was a "Readers Choice" pick in January at 12c:

PENN STATE Eric said...

Yeah, I thought we discussed it here, so many blogs and information streams to follow anymore. It's already started it's pullback this morning, down some 11-16% depending on when you read this.

Anonymous said...

I'm giving you all the credit for FAZ....good or BAD!!!

Anonymous said...


Whats up with NNVC? Can't seem to make it extremely low.

Anonymous said...

One of you guys can sell me some of your shares of NNVC. How about 2500 @ .54...or lower?

Allan said...


The company continues to make progress toward achieving my 5-year price and market cap forecasts. The day-to-day fluctuations don't concern me.

Anonymous said...


Re: NNVC. Can you please provide a link to a discussion of the company itself? Like how many employees does it have? Do they have a specific location with a building and offices? Are they doing the research studies themselves or farming them out? At what stage are their research studies?


Allan said...

If you can't find that information yourself, you have no business investing in the stock, or any stock or that matter.

pimaCanyon said...

Hi Allan,

I very much appreciate your charts along with signals!

However, I'd recommend using the underlying instead of 2X or 3X etf's such as FAZ because of they way they are rebalanced every day. For FAZ you could use XLF which FAZ is essentially 3X the inverse of, so we would expect to see a bearsh market now in XLF.

Allan said...

Pima: I just put XLF and FAS (3X Bull FInancials) up on my charts and they were virtually identical. But I'll keep an eye on dem rascals, just in case.

Anonymous said...

I have worked in the Pharmaceutical industry. Allan is right this is not a fast process and all the animal studies have to be completed before they can put this thing in Phase I for real. 5 years is a good estimate. It is also extremely early, but they have a good concept with greater upside potential then some improved medical/diagnostic technology. This is one of the few OTC stocks that is worth the investment even if it goes to zero for some reason. And Allan is right, if you can't find out their situation for yourself, don't invest...there are some nice CD's out there for you..