Saturday, May 23, 2009

Priory guest blog

My recent publication of The Bilderberg Depression has received a lot of attention across much of the blogosphere. It appears to have hit a nerve as immediately upon its publication my blog's daily hit count increased by about 25%. More significantly for us, it has brought someone out into the open (relatively) who has been contributing to this blog through his ideas and forecasts for about the past 18 months. Some of my very best "lucky guesses" from past blogs were the direct result of information passed along to me by this mystery voice. Up until the Bilderberg post, he had asked me not to disclose his participation, relationship to me, or even his existence.

But The Bilderberg Depression has changed all that. Within an hour of publication of that blog I heard from him. As in the past, he again wanted me to pass along some information through this blog. Only this time I persuaded him to post himself. The post below was his response and I can attest to the veracity of everything disclosed in the post that relates to me and my relationship this individual and his group.

I have known this person since my days as an attorney in Georgia. The circumstances surrounding how and in what capacity we met is not something I can disclose. Nonetheless, he has never suggested anything to me that did not occur just as he described it would. The accuracy of his forecasts and the breadth of knowledge he has shared with me over the years suggests very strongly that what he describes in this blog is a reality. Those of you who have been with me for the past five years should realize that credibility is a big deal to me and accordingly, this source would not be appearing here, nor posting, if I wasn't absolutely convinced of his authenticity and the credibility of his observations.

That's about all he agreed I could say by way of an introduction to him. I now cede (temporarily) the AllAllan podium to him so he can say the rest in his own words.


I am posting this at your request to do so, but would not do so otherwise. But I and my organization owe you so much we will acquiesce to your requests.

Although I cannot give my name, you and I know each other well (for over two decades) and I am a long time reader of your blog and have personally become a multimillionaire investing in your hedge fund and managed accounts.

My organization, The Priory of Sion is also involved in making money for its super secret endeavors using your information and we have brought in nearly $40MM USD, but primarily denominated in euros, following your blog. As you can personally attest to, we recently donated $100,000 USD to your blog and its activities.

We have considerable influence over the geopolitical events of the world. We agree with main conclusion of the other group you referred to in an earlier post and do expect and are betting millions on a severe downturn in the global equity markets. We are heavily short the US and dependent markets, long the metals, especially platinum, through which we control via direct bullion. We anticipate a downgrade of US debt in the coming years which will cause a financial Armageddon.

We are using our influence to effect the negative corrective change needed by decades of global excess, greed, avarice and lack of truly Holy Values.

Both I and the group wish to publicly thank you for your pure existence.


Anonymous said...

Deep end, meet Allan. Allan, deep end.

Anonymous said...

This needs more meat...but there are only two people who can do it...

"We are using our influence to effect the negative corrective change needed by decades of global excess, greed, avarice and lack of truly Holy Values."

" effect the negative corrective change needed...?"

What does this have to do with Bilderberg?

Anonymous said...

Urban terrorist group? Cult perhaps? Militia of some type? A few to many hardliner Jewish folks getting together at a barmitzvah celebration? Whoever they are, whatever riches they claim to possess or whoever's agenda they are trying to push. It all sounds bizarre and kind of nutty. What the heck, I,m in! I like my trading a little bit on the crazy side. Nobody is going to be left standing after 12/21/2012 anyway!

Anonymous said...

Allan, Dude, you been smokin some boss weed or watching too many Tom Hanks movies lately.
Enjoy your blog!

Unknown said...

Peter Schiff perspective:


A said...

Due to the nature, secrecy, and my agreements with this organization and its members, I am not at liberty to respond to any questions or comments.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones meets David Ickes with Gerald Celente as moderator.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The Priory of Sion myth has been exhaustively debunked by journalists and scholars as one of the great hoaxes of the 20th century.[6] Some skeptics have expressed concern that the proliferation and popularity of books, websites and films inspired by this hoax have contributed to the problem of conspiracy theories, pseudohistory and other confusions becoming more mainstream.[7 wickipedia

Anonymous said...

Making us believe it's been debunked is part of the web of conspiracy. Sorta like what the Catholic Church did regarding the Truin Shroud. Oh, is it fake? I guess we'll keep it just for old time's sake. (Shhhh)

Anonymous said...

Gary said...

Allan.....would you disclose that $100k was contributed to your blog?....would make it more credible, Gary

A said...

About four weeks ago I received a substantial donation from an anonymous donor, along with a request not to disclose the amount, date nor email address used to make the donation. I am honoring that request.

Gary said...


Anonymous said...

I love your site and contributions. I respect your comments about this post. I do believe that you did receive a substantial contribution from an anonymous person as you say and undoubtedly it may have been that person (it would seem the prior post you answered you would not confirm it specifically). I rarely blog or write on the internet (about dozen times over the years) however, really this secret organisation? What I find doubtful is the way he describes the group "super secret." Normally confidential groups are what they are. They never advertise (in the sense of self promoting) and when they do they never give themselves descriptors as "super secret." As I said I accept and believe your comments, undoubtedly this person does exist however whether there is such a group behind him, well.
To debunk disbelievers like me could you link the anonymous contributions that this person has given to this site over the months? This wont identify himself just a means of showing people like me (who wants to believe you) a chance to show me.
With all that being said, great site, good karma to you Allan and keep on posting buddy!

JOE EATS said...

What do you think about Voyant (VOYT.OB)?

-Joe Eats

Anonymous said...

Nothing like little sensationalism in an attempt to get readers to your blog. You've now plunged full depth into bear"dumb". Welcome to the world of doom and gloom!

Anonymous said...

Should I stop paying my electricity bill now or will "they" come knocking on my door? Rifles or shotguns, any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

allan, do you know an etf for natural gas, looking monthly chart for natural gas, already reverse, maybe it's time to consider long for natural gas.thanks

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Allan will confirm that The Priory made a 100K donation. The cashiers checque we sent clearly had our organizations' name on is. and 100K is one big donation.

Allan please confirm, our donation was not anonymous and WAS fort one hundred thousand United States Dollars. Thanks.

The Priory

Anonymous said...

Allan, what I want to know is are they (priory of sign) invested in NNVC?

How does the predicted market decline relate to NNVC? thanks Allan.

A said...

I'm amazed at the comments, seems that no one is taking what was given them and running with it, ok, I guess that's my blog coming up after the game: Platinum.

Anonymous said...

Ok, let me get this straight because I feel very threatened.

You belong to a super secret cabal that posts on the internet.

You have made the equivalent of $20 million US dollars and you and your friends are going to take down the corrupt world economic system? $20 million seems a bit small to bankroll this effort. Assuming that you are a typical member of this group, it would take 50,000 members to cobble together a trillion dollars. It would take 650,000 members to match the Genius-in-Chief and spend 13 trillion dollars. That's one heck of a group you have there. I'm surprised I never heard of it, but then again, I am just a peasant.

Even with 13 trillion dollars, that amount of money seems to have had a limited effect on the economy on this single country, although I have to admit it has had one whopper of an effect on the future bottom line of the USG.

Hey, have at it. Undermine the world's economy. But you better start saving, you've got a ways to go yet.


PS: I and the other rabble I associate are sharpening our guillotines for those who consider themselves our betters. The only thing which protects such esteemed personages, is the current world order. (Don't spend all your money on social change pal, you're gonna need it.)

Anonymous said...

So what?

There are always shadowy cabals and "greedy speculators" underfoot, trying to have their way with society. It's only in bad times that people point their fingers at them and say they are to blame for our problems. In good times the cabal members, who are really just narcissistic do-gooders, are lauded by the popperozzi as the enlightened agents of social change. I find it hard to believe that these egg heads are saying anything different in their super duper secret meetings than they say in public.

It's not speculators and the do-gooders in the shadowy cabals that got us into this mess. It was you and me who were too busy to pay attention to what our leaders were doing. If an arsonist touches off a fire, does that make him powerful, or just a nasty little criminal? Similarly, it is not the secret societies of the world that piled up a mountain of woes on the global economy, it was us. If they are able to set it ablaze, it doesn't mean they are in control of the situation. Quite the opposite, they would be sowing the seeds for their own destruction.

History is replete with examples of what I am saying. Hjalmar Schacht, the head of the German Reichsbank, and one of the four most powerful central bankers in post WWI Europe, stayed on at the bank after Hitler took power. He even boasted of how he would control governmental policy within the Reich. He spent the end of the war in a concentration camp.

I think the rich and powerful of the world should think twice before they light that match. Because they are paper trading with the future, and the reality can be very different than they imagined. When a new world order is created, the old rich and powerful come into competition with the hungry, the driven and the ruthless, and then the lines of power shift.

I laugh at your cabal. Cabals can't change the world unless the world has already paved the way for them. In such rare instances where this can happen, no one can predict the consequences. (Although 100 million died in social upheaval in the last century so my guess would be around 250 million.)

Brian F.

Anonymous said...

Powerful secret societies don't admit blabbermouths who can only raise $20 million. You are too naive for belief. You wrote: "We are using our influence to effect the negative corrective change needed by decades of global excess, greed, avarice and lack of truly Holy Values." When were people were less greedy? Use some of that Latin skill and read the texts of Rome. People never change. How is effecting "negative corrective change" going to change human nature? The term "negative corrective change" speaks volumes. What you really mean is you want to destroy the system to rebuild a better one that reflects your ideals of a world "truly holy values" (sans greed). You sound like Che Guevara, a scruffy little killer that visited misery and death upon all who met him. Upheavals don't bring about positive social reorganization, they just create chaos and death. It's the survivors who struggle for something better. You feel that society has lost its way, but just when do you think it was better? Maybe 1950? There were plenty of people who were appalled at what went on in the 1950s. Your answer is, burn it all down in the name of progress. You disgust me. Such upheavals have been experienced many times before, to the great detriment of mankind. However, it has never been felt on a global scale before. Let me paint a picture for you of what you desire. The global economic downturn, fed by an over-reliance on Keynesian economics, is leveraged into a depression, a global depression. The cracks in the dam appear when the US Government spends $13 trillion of other people's money attempting to defeat a deleveraging process that can only be delayed, not defeated. The President openly admits on 5/23/2009 that the USG is "out of money." This can't help but get the attention of our creditors. The dollar collapses. The noose tightens. Taxes are raised. "Leaders" decry how the cornucopia of globalization is dragging down the economies of the world. Trade barriers and taxes on international corporations are raised. Our counterparts reciprocate The depression deepens. Into this power vacuum, steps the worst kinds of despots. They have answers. They say they know what change we need. They invariably point to an outside enemy like speculators or foreigners, and they always lead us to war. Last century, this process only cost us 100 million lives. This time it will be one of those millennial events like the fall of Rome. Our world is dependent upon a very complex process of interaction. Anything which disrupts the system is felt everywhere in the globe. The U.S. has about two weeks of food stores. It's worse elsewhere. Europe heats its homes with Russian gas. When Rome fell, everything wasn't interconnected, but still you had the Dark Ages. This time, all the lifeboats will be tied together. Welcome my friends, to the dark side of globalization, where the 5 billion human souls are dependent for their very lives on everything going exactly according to plan. But traders in stocks understand that things don't always go according to plan (ala LTCM). The global system can't collapse without widespread famine, dislocation, riots, despair, revolution, and eventually war. Boasting about belonging to a secret cabal that will crash the system because of your adolescent beliefs about greed and holy values is really a statement that you belong to a death cult. I piss on you and your holy values, and I piss on your $100K. You are just a scruffy little killer. You don't read, you know nothing about human nature and you are completely ignorant about the horrific tale of human history. Attending conferences and secret meetings with your elitist cheese munching buddies, golf clapping to speeches parroted back to like minded fools, is a poor excuse for thought. Try reading the Constitution and Federalist Papers and filling that empty head, boy.

Embracing the horror, Brian F.

Anonymous said...

To Brian F.

Excellent! i agree with bost of what you say, inclusing, "Try reading the Constitution and Federalist Papers..."

Buy try using paragraph breaks. Holy Cow it's hard to read, but what fun.


Anonymous said...

Oops. Here I'm being critical above (7:20) but am guilty of serial mispellings.

mea culpa.

Anonymous said...

Allan says:

"I'm amazed at the comments, seems that no one is taking what was given them and running with it, ok, I guess that's my blog coming up after the game: Platinum."

Brian says:

I thought you were a lawyer Allan. You should know what is at stake here. Just what are you saying is being offered here?

Have you forgotten that there is no "Experiment in Democracy" without the people's participation? Look what a wonderful result was brought about by America putting things on auto pilot for a mere 79 years. We jettisoned something that had never been done before, a government of limited powers, for the same old hum drum yoke that everyone else bears. When the Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Clause can be interpreted to mean nothing, when the federal government can take over GM and acquire the majority of shares for less than is owed the current shareholders, when they can take your house at will, or fleece us to save a banking system that is utterly corrupt, there are no longer any rules. The old republic is dead, and we are entering a new beginning for Rome. There is no constitution Allen.

Just one month ago, for the first time in American history, the majority of states rely for most of their income on the federal government. All politics is no longer local my fellow citizens, and federal incumbents have the system rigged in their favor. That means your vote amounts to just about nothing Allen.

The two party system has failed. The parties have been reduced to squabbling over the votes of empty minded kids who register at the DMV. They are told that voting is a moral obligation even though they know nothing at all about politics or money. Voting without knowledge is nothing more than drunken driving. Drunken driving ends in tragedy.

Unfortunately, the tide has turned against America. The demographics have changed. America has aged. The boom from peak baby boomer spending is over and the financial noose is tightening. We are now in the rapacious grip of a majority that lives off the largess of the government. The workers and producers are outnumbered, and every pensioner wants their social security even though they stood idly by while it was squandered by their elected representatives. The big crunch is about to occur and 13 trillion dollars can't stop it.

Maybe we should thank your incredibly mysterious and powerful friend for bringing about the inevitable more quickly. Maybe you can put his special gift in perspective for us. Just what special wisdom are you saying is being offered? What, like we couldn't figure out on our own to short the dollar? That commodities, especially precious metals, will retain their value? Do you think your readers are stupid?

Bring it on, show me what you have. Secret cabals and scary stories are nothing compared to the actual demographics and economics of our current situation. I don't like your choice of friends. I think I am going to start my own secret cabal. Just give me a couple of days to brush up on my Latin and create a secret handshake to lend mystery to my ramblings.

Brian the Angry

A said...


Take your angry passion and educate it:

Anonymous said...

Aint fear great? It cripples the minds of what would normally be clear thinking people, and reduces them to blathering idiots.

Anonymous said...

Educate myself? You mean like this?

"Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as: "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]." In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aided or involved by such an endeavour."

Under the federal law, being an accessory to a crime is equivalent in liability to actually commiting the crime oneself, or for conspiring to do so for that matter. Inasmuch as your friend has openly espoused the overthrow of the U.S. Government, and/or to seriously injure it by eliminating the dollar as the international medium of exchange, and you have accepted $100,000 from him to publish this subversion, that makes you an accessory to treason in the eyes of the law.

I can understand your concern in this regard, however we will just keep this our little secret. You can now return to your blissfully ignorant hockey games and leave the world of politics to those who ARE better educated than you. Facts are facts and your not being able to face them makes me neither fearful nor uneducated.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Who is this ignorant Bozo?

Under the federal law, being an accessory to a crime is equivalent in liability to actually commiting the crime oneself, or for conspiring to do so for that matter. Inasmuch as your friend has openly espoused the overthrow of the U.S. Government, and/or to seriously injure it by eliminating the dollar as the international medium of exchange, and you have accepted $100,000 from him to publish this subversion, that makes you an accessory to treason in the eyes of the law.

I can understand your concern in this regard blah blah blah.

Your words, and it is obvious why you did not sign your name. You are a moron.

I believe Allan has TWO law degrees and was and still is to some degree a practicing attorney.

What are your legal qualifications?

Richard (J.D., Yale 1989)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Priory of Sion is posting on a blog, bragging about donating a relatively small amount to a penny stock blogger.

Yes, this makes perfect sense.

Oh, and NNVC to $100k/share.

Anonymous said...

I agree that no one would ever prosecute someone for hosting a traitor on his web site, or for accepting money from him, but the analogy stands.

I disagree that one needs a law degree to discuss legal and historical matters, but since you asked, I too received a law degree from a top ten law school over two decades ago. I also have a degree in Political Science and a degree in History, but I learned a whole lot more on my own by simply reading. but all of this is irrelevant.

The point is, I think it is improper to host someone on your blog who is advocating undermining the U.S. Government ON MEMORIAL DAY, and then cop an attitude when he isn't well received. I thought even Ivy League attorneys had to take the same oath as everyone else when entering the Bar. Hint: That's the one which includes a vow to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States Government.

At this point, I am wasting my time. I am not going to receive a real answer as to what Allan thinks this fellow has to offer us. I've been very clear about what I think it offers. I'm just going to receive insults and recommendations to "educate yourself." I'm starting to feel really, really old. No one cares about this Constitution stuff anymore I guess. I don't know why I bother. It's a whole lot easier to go along with the Ivy League crowd. You know, the ones occupying the banking industry, the Fed, the Treasury, and the White House that bankrupt us all.

I'm going to move on to other matters. Thank you Allan, really. I've read every post since the beginning. Your web site is one of the very best and it has been my privilege, but it's time to go. Your ring knocker friend from Yale can come back with some really clever cut down, but I won't be back to read it. Sorry.


PS: I din't mean it about the hockey.

Anonymous said...

Wow! $20 million to change the world. George Soros probably makes that in a day. You are going to need much more than that if you disagree with Soros and his efforts to take over the world. And if you agree with Soros you might as well just give the money to him and let him have all the glory!!

Anonymous said...

Brian, Please keep viewing and posting! Although this is a great resource and Allan is generous to share his opinions and recommendations with us, The Priory of Sion topic is truly a P.O.S!
Your reply was truly erudite.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a man has made enough money so that he does not have to worry about money and that same man is bored outta his mind. He gets into magical mystical things! La la la-la-la la, laa la-la-la-la-la (smurfs).

Unknown said...


Only in America...keep up the good work and don't listen to the rabble which I am sure you are not !