Tuesday, May 05, 2009

GFRE - update

GFRE was recommended last December at 22c. It's trading today at $0.62.

Above is the Trade Triangle chart for GFRE. A Monthly BUY triggered in December and has been in effect the entire time. There was a Weekly SELL in late January which flipped to a Weekly BUY in mid-March. This is such a simple, elegant and inexpensive way to trade stocks, if you have no other tools, start here.

With close to a triple on GFRE, it's remains on a BUY and there is nothing to do except watch it ascend.

To those of you still in this one, a tip of my hat for having the discipline and desire to be successful traders.



Dave said...

Thanks Allan, still in it. Of course I didn't get in until .34 but I'm pleased so far. What does the Ouija Board say for potential?


Allan said...


Anonymous said...

unfortunately i was out of gfre and tgb with remorse...
i'm still holding cxm got any comment on it?

Anonymous said...

That's funny. How about highlighting your profiling of NNVC?

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for your post about having put your recent profits on selling some portion of NNVC back into it at current price of $0.70.

Anonymous said...

I sold GFRE today for .60 and hope to buy back in in the .40s, we will see.
Allan with NNVC, is it still within your chart read expectations given last week? TIA

Allan said...


My time line on NNVC is 5 years, i.e. in five years (or less) every 10,000 shares of NNVC will be worth at least $1,000,000.00. You're asking me if you should buy NNVC at $0.70? Do you see why I am reluctant to acknowledge this question?

If you want my specific intraday advice on stocks, you can hire me to manage your money. Otherwise, you're kind of stuck with my big picture view of such matters.

Anonymous said...


5:42 AM
Blogger abot said...

FAS AND FAZ came out around $60 each last year. Now both below $10. Those things dissapear money.

So the consensus is that FAZ is not a good option when the weekly turns south?

Anonymous said...

NNVC- In 1918 there was a flu that hit in the spring. A very small % got the flu, then got well. That fall the great Pandemic killer flu hit; 50 million died. What is interesting is that those that got the flu in the spring were immune when the fall variety hit.

John T said...

Allan, I'm still in GFRE, I bought at .20s.
They announced a r/s and they will list in NASDAQ soon.
Still cheap, I will hold until it will be "fair priced", despite my very good profits.

Allan said...

Nice trade, John. What is that, 600% in less then a year?

Who was that masked man?