Friday, May 15, 2009

CXM +28%

CXM is trading at $2.12, +28% from my initial post.

The above Weekly chart is still suggesting about $4 for this run.

Note also the Blue Wave BUY SIGNAL at 87c in January.



Anonymous said...

Thats almost fine...
Allan, chart of NGRN is it suggesting any thing still?

Allan said...

Serge: NGRN has retraced a fibo 62% of it's spike rally and is at a good spot for a reversal. If so, it could run past recent highs, if not, it can give back 100% of that run. Its a roll of the dice in here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Al,
As a downpayment on your "right column" financial contribution request, keep a close eye on LWLG.OB in the next weeks: they are overdue with the announcement of some major research achievement in the field of optic computing.
And by the way, their name came out as a potential acquisition target from Intel on Barron's techtrader blog recently...
Huge long term potetial IMHO.
PS: I have opened a substantial position.

PENN STATE Eric said...

Great day to short CXm, see the closing drop to 1.97?

ROB G said...

penn state, be careful shorting cxm. beside the technicals that are talked about here,the fundamentals of this company are severely undervalued. the ceo has publicly stated they are going to monatize inner cool,im expecting the announcement anytime between now and the end of june. you dont want to be short with that announcement looming.

rob g