Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Swing trading, Part II

Here is a continuation of the previously posted Swing trading chart, the 60-minute SPX chart, following the BW trend signals:

The Sell signal from May 5th was well into the money in overnight trading, but was closed out at a loss as a Buy signal was triggered early Wednesday at 905.40, for a loss on the Sell of about 6 S&P points. The new Buy is ahead by about 14 S&P points and will reverse at 911.36 or higher, locking in at least a 6 point gain.



Jay said...

do you post your ES swing buy sell signals somewhere?? How can I follow them?

Anonymous said...

Hey Allan,

Capital Gold CGLD - Trading up on very high volume on good news today. This was one I took directly from your blog. Looks like another winner, Thanks, Warmest regards from NYC/Joe

Anonymous said...

Buy the rumor, sell the fact. I had a suspicion that the phony "stress test" numbers would trigger a market decline.