Friday, May 15, 2009


The above chart is of LWLG, a stock recommended in a Comment from a reader in the previous blog. Coincidentally, the stock is finishing today with a Weekly BW Buy Signal.

I'm in.



PENN STATE Eric said...

Got a target though? Seems heavy on speculation, not to say rule based decision making isn't the best there is, removes discretion.

PENN STATE Eric said...

That is one mean nose-dive on your chart too.

...on a funny note, my "word verification" was 'grunthoe'...ok, maybe just funny to me.

Dave said...

You gotta read this....I couldn't resist.

The ole "fox guarding the chicken coop" scenario. You think?

Allan, I know you're a reformed lawyer so I hope you'll appreciate it when I say that these SEC crooks should be hanged in the town square.

Anonymous said...

LWLG resembles NNVC though different aspects.
Got any technical scenario on lwlg in case things were positive...
any near term target....

Anonymous said...

Hi Serge,
I'm still doing DD regarding LWLG, but I am not a techie. It seems the technology is truly a leap forward. I certainly do not claim to understand the full potential of it yet, but reading the yahoo board - which is of a rare quality level - is certainly educational.
According to ppl on the board who have scanned the patent request, "no prior art" has been identified, meaning there is no similar existing technology.
The long term price target has been rumored to be at least triple digit... but at this stage it is probably more a matter of faith in the potential of the technology, not unlike NNVC.
GL to all.


Anonymous said...

Just in case you missed it, as per press release out today, futher PRELIMINARY results keep coming in positive. Awaiting independant confirmation by second source.
-Working on prototype to quantify the leap forward this could represent- alluded to 10.5 billion market in 2011.
- Working on strategic partnerships and
- Working on material development contracts.

I am holding on.