Friday, May 22, 2009

Yo' mama gold

I'm in.



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan - what is your cost basis?

Allan said...

$10.62 but I'm not done buying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - go Wings!

Singlengle said...

I have friend who has been buying bullion gold in american eagles and Canadian Maple leafs.

Believe it or not with Microsofts cash back search program and working through e-bay blah blah he at times would get it under spot. It was crazy watching it happen. At some point he would get up to 14% cash back. and then an extra percent on Amer Express

Anonymous said...

skip this one,allan. waiting for pullback to join u. like hits high today.anyway thanks

Anonymous said...

What's your target?

Allan said...

Depends how quickly it reaches 20

Anonymous said...

Allan -

Have a great Holiday!


Anonymous said...

Just noticed we are no longer "fireflies trading in the dark" but need to "Tune in turn on, etc.

Question: Is this blog part of the 1960's subculture disguised as a trading blog?

Question: Are you long or short the SPX? Everyone says you are short and getting killed.

Question: What is the news on NNVC? Are you short it like a banshee Indian in heat like I am?

Question: Will the Red Wings go all the way ? If not which is your second favorite team?

Question: There is a LOT up about your daughters. Are they part of your trading operation? If Alanis said Go Long IBM are we long IBM?

Question: Why not send info on this blog to Pavel and the GM of the Red Wings to get more high net worth investors in your fund- then you could combine ice hockey & trading and would provide a real level of panache and prestige to your blog/fund that you are sorely lacking?

Question: Will you remove that hockey player photo and put mine up? I used to be a "name" player.

Gordie H.

Anonymous said...


Are you now officially a "gold bug"?

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan - do you have a downside target for our next leg down? ie S&P 740 or do you think we take out the 666 lows this time?

Anonymous said...

I personally know Allan has several dozen gold and platinum bricks in his floor safe.

I've been there and seen that.