Monday, May 18, 2009

Another day at the office

Here are the charts I followed and traded today:

As is shown on each chart, today was a single direction day. The double beta DJIA funds, DXD (Short) and DDM (Long) provided the gains, either by being short the DXD or by being long the DDM. The latter was my vehicle and direction of choice.

A BUY on the DDM was triggered pre-market and held firm as the market opened. The trade captured 4.4%, open to close. Not too exciting, only a single trade all day long, but a tidy profit for one day of one week of one month of one year.

If anyone has a better way to trade, day in day out, please send it along.



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

That swine flu thing that just won't go away is still the big story here in NYC? Some sort of nation wide news blackout I suppose???

I am curious, how you are able to be so successful with the indicators at Blue Wave. Per the many mentions on this blog I joined up at Blue Wave and was never able to emulate your successful "trend following" experiences in the Blue Wave Trading Room. Please explain as this experience is completely contrary to the many others I have enjoyed here on your blog.

Allan said...

The charts I post from Blue Wave are actual, real time charts with real time signals. Of course, if you play the longer term trends, 120 minutes today, there isn't much action, just a single winner, still, one out of one ain't bad. Not much to build a trade room around......

Anonymous said...

Alan, I have been utilizing MC for the past couple of weeks and have found it very useful. I was reading some of your old posts and you mentioned running BW on your Mac powerbook. Is that with boot camp and Vista?

Allan said...

I'm running eSignal, Advanced GET and Blue Wave all on my MacBookPro, using Parallels to emulate the Windows OS

Anonymous said...

Allan, what price does SPX has to go under to generate the weekly sell signal ???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on using on MacBook. Steve

Allan said...


Anonymous said...

SPX at, that is a long way away from here. You sure this bear trap isn't really the start of a new bull run? Holding FAZ is a pain.

Anonymous said...

People.. With Allan's unrelenting call for a market debacle based on blue wave and Elliot which has not transpired for weeks, we are witnessing firsthand the failure of technical analysis. Cramer doesn't look so bad at this point.


Allan said...

The Weekly charts have been CORRECTLY LONG for the past ten weeks, ALL TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. Yesterday's charts defined a sustained UPMOVE all day long, again, ALL TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.

I know there are some here who get it, but why some are so ignorant and in absolute denial is beyond me.

I'm tightening my skates for the game coming up, or I would extend my rant in a merciless carpet bombing of all idiots and drolls.

Me said...

Uh, oh. I have to look up "drolls."

Some get it, some don't. You're running an open (sorta) forum so you gets the good with the notso.

Good work, though. Like I said, some get it.

Michael Lomker said...

Not all trolls are droll; arguably most of them are not. :D

Anonymous said...

YOU don't get it.

Wayne said...


Allan trades based on TA and that has kept him long during this 2-month bull run. He has revealed bits and pieces of how he trades, but not the entire process.

He also has consistently FORECASTED a downturn. You can not day-trade this FORECAST. You can possibly use it to guard your downside, or to keep the lion's share of your capital on the sidelines if you're not good at day-trading. But you can't , eg, read a statement like "market's gonna tank any day now" and then dump half your 401K into a short fund. That kind of "guru"-driven account management is suicidal.

Please learn the difference between trading and forecasting.


Anonymous said...


Your blog and it alone has made me a multi-millionaire.

What is your office space like? A plush full floor in a Phoenix office building?

I think ALL of your readers would like a blog post about Allan 's typical day at the office?

Looking forward to the NEXT million I make. Should be this year- thanks to you alone.

You are "IT". As they say.