Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking every sell

Based on the Weekly SPX chart that I have been posting for three months now, we are in a window from which a major turn down could assert itself. Therefore I am taking every Sell on the 120 Minute Blue Wave chart, especially where EW (Elliott Wave) or FBS (False Bar Stochastic) are confirming.

Below are three tradables with prices presented as a line so its easier to see the uncanny accuracy of BW trades. Note also the EW counts and FBS confirmations.

FAZ triggered Long today at $5.16, closing at $5.38.

SPX triggered Short today at 898.58, closing at 893.06.

TBT triggered Long yesterday at $50.21, closing today at $57.20.



Anonymous said...

Hi Allan, Hope all is well with you. NNVC recently announced influenza tesing of Flucide at Thevac, LLC. I am not able to find much information about Thevac, LLC other than they are a spinoff of LSU. Are you satisfied with this level of interest in testing Flucide. The ongoing Swine Flu Pandemic might have encouraged a more profound level of interest, IMHO. Please share some of your brief thoughts. Thank you.

Allan said...

NNVC will eventually be the greatest investment of our collective lifetimes. Be patient, don't try to second guess very capable management and appreciate what a diamond in the rough we have stumbled upon.

Anonymous said...

FAZ has tracted a perfect EW 5-leg triangle since its May 8 low. If it gets above $5.75 tomorrow the triangle is negated. If it turns down from here, the triangle implies a trust to a final new low.
- cramar

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

Bought a few more shares of NNVC.

Some say that LWLG may also be the investment of a lifetime.

Thanks for all the charts and info.