Thursday, May 28, 2009


As long as I am in posting mode, here is the Hourly TBT chart, targeting 63-68 for this move:



Anonymous said...

allan, what the BW says about ceph?thanks

Anonymous said...

how can the Dow go up 200 on Tues, down more than 100 on Wed, then up more than 100 on Thu, is this major whipsaw in action ???

Anonymous said...

hi alann,

don't know if you've seen or answered my question, but just wondering if you're getting compensated from the company for market awareness of nnvc?

this would help in my decision to invest in nnvc.


Allan said...

I didn't answer your question about being paid by nnvc because it's so stupid. Of course not. Failure to disclose something like that violates federal and probably state securities laws. You think I would risk criminal prosecution to promote a stock? See how ridiculous the question is? Everything I write about NNVC comes from sincere belief and none of it comes from any kind of personal gain whatsoever. I'm insulted that you even had to ask.