Friday, April 16, 2010


Last weekend I sent out to my subscribers a Long and Short, "Trades of the Week."   The Short was X, which can be seen reversing from LONG to SHORT on last Friday's close:

X Daily Trend Model

As you can see, the trade meandered the first few days but X has now dropped sharply and is currently about 10% lower then last Friday's close.  The previous Sell, in late January, was worth about a 25% drop in the price of the stock.  That January Sell was followed by a February Buy generating about 30% in price gains before last Friday's reversal to a Sell.  X trends well.


Anonymous said...

what about the mysterious energy stock?

Allan said...


JD said...

Allan - my thanks! I went in on the Friday of your alert for X, the ATM Puts are up 40%!!