Thursday, April 15, 2010


I sent an Intraday Alert to my email list this morning, highlighting some of the healthy gains from the most recent Buy signals in SPX & QQQQ Daily Models.

I send so many of these Intraday tables out that its easy to miss some great trades described therein.

SPX Daily:  BUY @ 1094.87   Current: 1211.62 = +116.75;  +10.67%

QQQQ Daily: BUY @ 44.47   Current: 50.03  =  +5.56;    +12.5%

In both cases, these most recent signals are from mid-February.

Below is a two-year chart of the QQQQ. Embedded in this chart are Trend Model 4.0 trading signals that were generated along the way:

QQQQ Daily Trend Model 4.0


Anonymous said...

Hello Allan
How often do you send your email alerts. Do you give buy and sell signals in all emails. one last thing please, what would you expect for an average monthly or yearly return.

Anonymous said...


My compliments.
Amazing model that captures every major move.

Looking ahead, if market/economy goes south or continues to climb: gold should still be force to be reckoned with.

Just seen ERIC SPROTT on TV selling his NEW GOLD ETF Seems superior to GLD, but probably needs time to build steam.

May be worth adding to the repertoire sometime in the future:-)


A said...

Re: email service

I send out anywhere from 2-4 emails a day, plus a weekend update. I don't give the signals, the charts do, based on an algorithm that I have described at length in this blog, starting about last November. As for as expectations of returns, that is not something I can not guess at. If you look my charts for the past few months, you should be able to come to your conclusions about profitability.

Anonymous said...

mind the risk! ... nothing is as it seems

good to have bullion, cash management & short hedges (as appropriate) while trading.