Monday, April 26, 2010


In previous posts about GOOG, I've been able to reverse price action in GOOG simply by posting its chart and commenting on its trend.  Shall we dance?

GOOG Daily Trend Model

GOOG Weekly Trend Model


Won't you look down upon me, Jesus
You've got to help me make a stand
You've just got to see me through another day
My body's aching and my time is at hand
And I won't make it any other way



khalid said...

Part of a comment on a earlier blog post caught my attention:
the hope for humanity lies with russia and china,brazil and india.south america.

any place that has the power to say no to the elite new world order.

The citizens of the USA have NO power to stop anything the government intends to do.

Thats the great weakness and the worst recipe for disaster.
We lost our voting power when the government installed the diebold machines right under our noses. and no protests ensued.

I believe you are mistaken about the hope for humanity thing.
Maybe you have not lived in these other countries you mention.
Because the USA is still the world's greatest nation. Sure, it has its problems (recent erosion of freedoms, Bush-led encroachment on privacy, a complexly corrupt political system, etc) but I know of no other place that combines opportunity with a systemic respect for human rights.
These other countries you mention, in my mind, might as well be, lightyears behind the USA in terms of what they can offer the modern individual, looking to mind his/her own business and accept others for who and what they are.
The US system is not perfect, but look at its successes. It has created this type, the American, who is inevitably amazed at the archaic attitudes and ancient-ass ideas the rest of the world still hold on to.
Jim Rogers and others make the point that buying China is like buying America early 20th Century. I get the point. But, concomitantly, living back then in the USA truly sucked compared to nowadays. I don't see the Chinese emigration, or that from other BRIC nations, to the USA, slowing down anytime soon.
I would take the corruption of the USA over that of any BRIC nation, anytime.
Maybe you would not have made these statements if you had held CAR or DTF from the bear market lows up to now?

Anonymous said...

Well said Khalid!

Although the likes of 'Countrywide Chris' etc. test our faith, the U.S.A is still our best hope compared to the rest.


Anonymous said...

No, I think a more true motto (for peoples of countries like palestine,many african nations,cuba,haiti,all the central american countries,vietnam,and on and on,including our own native americans,and african americans who suffered for 200 years

would rather be

God FORGIVE America

god forgive the power structure of america

god forgive the new world order

You'll understand more by reading Chomsky,Zinn,Alex Jones,etc.

I understand what youre trying to say about some of the aspects of life being better in the USA than other countries

but thats become a very tired old saw for someone who was born here and grew up since the 1950's always being told and reading about how "America is number 1"

back then it was true

the USA was number one in the social markers of human quality of life

that list of things,youve seen it I'm sure,what the U.N.and other governmental type agencies put out
showing the rankings of a nations
infant mortality
poverty levels
food supply
average income
medical care
housing costs

stuff like that

The USA STOPPED being 'Number 1'
about 25 years ago

now it is in the bottom half of almost everything ranked

and heres the best one

of ALL the 'industrialized nations'

the USA is
the ONLY one
which Doesnt Have universal health care for its citizens.

But I dont want to go on too much with all this ,in someone else's investing/trading blog.

I think youre mistaken in a few other things as well, you mentioned that foreigners are Not moving back to their native lands.... in fact thats exactly what they are doing .

Its easy to research.

brain drain. foreign engineering students going back to china and india after they graduate from here.

Young Brazilians who came here in the 90's for opportunity,moving back to Brazil in droves now.for the last few years at least.

Anyway,my main comment wasnt about the individual quality of life ,although that is certainly impacted by the decisions of the NWO ,but my comment was about the NWO power elite who control the peasant citizens just like the kings and queens of the dark ages. its no different.
you think you have freedom in america?

even the u.s. constitution does NOT say anywhere in it about rights that protect our property.
we have no such stated or implied rights.
but we Think we do. but we dont.

I dont love a country. I dont love any country.whats a country?
whats to love?

I love people
I love nature
I'm learning to love gold and silver for their potential security.
I love being healthy.
I fear being ill.
I love good politicians like Ron Paul
and fear those like Joe Liebermann.
Ive gone on too much.
I love owning NNVC
and I love Allan for that

Anonymous said...

Regarding Google

since the new year and the spat with china

google is down about 15 %

Bidu is up 50 %

MMarino said...

Loving GNVC's new daily reversal price (not so much the weekly). Wonder what could happen if it gets taken out!

Anonymous said...

isnt GNVC the deadest duck in the water or what ??

to think it can go lower like this....
gotta love it

t said...

Biotech update

BTIM broke out today. up 10 % blast from the handle established in the 7-7.25 area. popped to 8 . a correction back 50 % to 7.50 holding would be the next train stop to get on board.

elliott wave structure looks like this was wave 3 .
5 wave target top looks like 8.50 area for now.

Anonymous said...

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