Friday, April 09, 2010

NNVC - chart update

NNVC Daily Trend Model
EW Target $4.00


PENN STATE Eric said...

$2.05, my nipps are rock hard!

MMarino said...

I went Long again today. I should have listened to you Allan, I day traded this one and got left outside for about 25 cents!

pimaCanyon said...

I hope you're right because I have heeded your advice and I'm long NNVC. However, my understanding of EW is that the wave 5 target would be 2.30. That target is based on wave 5 being equal in price to wave 1.

Other possibilities are wave 5 = .6 X wave 1, wave 5 = 1.6 X wave 1, or wave 5 = some Fib relationship to wave 3.

It's certainly possible that wave 5 extends (as wave 3 has) and if so, we could see $4.00.

There are other ways to count the waves as well, one of which has us still in wave 3.

The good news is that the trend is up until it isn't and when it isn't you trend model will tell us of a trend change! So we don't have to figure out the wave count! (Even though it's fun at times to come up with counts and projections).

Have a great weekend, Allan and all his blog followers!

Anonymous said...

Bought at $1 not 2 months ago...I wish all my investments did this!

pimaCanyon said...

yes, I forgot to mention that I bought my first lot of NNVC at .78 some time ago, second lot a few weeks ago at 1.44. So I'm a happy camper so far!

Anonymous said...

my average is about 1.15, 75K shares

i remember being bummed after buying my first slug at 1.2 in jan after a big run,

allan reassured me to hang in there, i bought a bunch mor at 1.02

am now up abount 70& since first buy, UNREAL

i have got friends to buy in at 1.16, 1.30. 1.50, 1.75

they all squawked as thet felt they had missed the train but they are all up now

this is too good to be true

i have lost hundreds of thousands over the years, my company announced this week that it is closing in 2 weeks after 31 yrs, i have been there 19 yrs

nnvc is my ticket to financial freedom i hope

allan harris is a saint as far as i am concerned. he gives freely his vast knowledge of markets and he is one of the smartest people i have never met.

He believes in karma as i do. He has poured his heart out here, sharing his most personal thoughts, he has listened to others travails and has been sympathetic

Thank you so much Allan.

Your friend
Mike C.

Singlengle said...


Do you believe any part of this run up is due to TheraCour stopping their selling in december.

Anonymous said...

Good entry points for you ,Pima.
I still think NNVC is due for a wave 4 correction back to the 145-160 area.
I would buy more there.

Anonymous said...

you can keep hoping for a pull back but I doubt one will happen in the next week with the big write up coming and company news to follow. I expect a 100% gain this coming week. there will be a pull back but not before a lot more gain.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooo, I believe the PUMP is coming from COX this tuesday!!!!???

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some boostings here in the share prices acquires well let me have a chance:
My untouchable 10k were at $0.66
I traded in another $10k was luck to grasp shares at $0.46 to sell them back at $0.88 then in at $0.99 to sell at $1.17 and $1.22.... the back in at $1.76 to sell at $1.97 and $1.92
Thank you Allan ..the untouchable 10k are subject to the law of karma no matter what

Anonymous said...

Allan, ever look at itmn, dndn or rpc biotech companies

Ubreako said...

The last time i wrote was 12 months ago. Things seems to becoming along nicely. New exchange and some positive drug announcement. Good pick for top stock of 2010 !

Anonymous said...

Wasn't today the big pump day (Tuesday)?

What happened???