Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The unbearable lightness of baskets

I added CVM to the Swine Flu basket on July 29th.

At the time, CVM had broken out above 50c and Blue Wave flagged it as an immediate BUY.

Today CVM is at $1.20.

Well done, Blue Wave.

Well done, Flu Basket.

Well done, Readers (who acted on this one).



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan. Any long term projections for CVM?


A said...


The Daily chart accompanying my post suggests a move to $2.50-2.80.

Anonymous said...

It is not fair, at least for NNVC.
Had i held my previous positions in CVM and NVAX only i would have at least quadrupled by now...
waiting for Godot


Anonymous said...

Same boat here. A lot of marbles in NNVC. Missed
CVM completely.

Buy now at $1.55? Tough call...

Anonymous said...

It's hard to hold these stocks through the gyrations. CVM dropped more than 10% after being mentioned and many prudent traders were stopped out.

Anonymous said...

Hint - Dont use stops in a bull market.

Anonymous said...

Kudos again.

A said...

I don't see how you can maintain a 10% stop on a 50c stock and NOT get stopped out. Some common sense needs to be used here. CVM fluctuated between 40 and 50 cents for a few days after I added it to the flu basket, then found a higher channel between 48 and 52 cents for a few weeks until finally breaking out in the past week. If you can't withstand a 10c drawdown on these lower priced stocks, you shouldn't be playing them. I don't like to manage trades for anyone, but come on, its not unlike a no pain no gain situation. These are speculative stocks, not exactly blue chips where a 5% stop would be appropriate. I already read on another board how, "Allan bailed on CVM." Yet the stock still sits in my account. Yeah, I looked, just to be sure.

Anonymous said...


I read a report on www.stockshaven.com on a company called Imaging3. Stock appears to have broken out on 3 straight days of massive volume. Do you have any technical or other take on this stock?

Anonymous said...

Allan, a little ego issue on CVM?
You were asked a few weeks ago by a poster about CVM and you wrote that you sold. so what exactly is it?

In fact I wrote a posted asking that you at least let your readers know when you sell a previous strong buy, and it was deleted by you. Its your blog and you do a great service.
what's the other board you write of? Perhaps she/he read the same?