Saturday, December 30, 2006

How Much Does This Hurt?

It's 8:00am on Saturday and I am about to leave for my daughter's final tournament basketball game in downtown Charleston. This is the reason for my two week trip, and it has been worth every effort to see Alana mature into her team's best player, her team's leader and inspiration. Maybe I had some part in it, many years ago.

But these two weeks have also served to remind me how much damage I had done by leaving them a couple years ago. It's invisible, silent, beneath the faces of my two daughters, now young women, the change I missed when another calling took me away.

No regrets, no tears good-bye.

Maybe everything works out for the best in the end. For everything lost, something is gained. But sitting by myself last night, alone with all the memories, doubts, and love, with the sound of the Atlantic off in the distance, my only thought was,

How much does this hurt?


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Uranium Picks

We've bought a few uranium picks based on the very bullish uranium analysis of Jim Dines. You can see my recent Blogs on this here. A couple picks that have done very well have been PNP.TO and FRG. I don't usually like to buy stocks that have "dot_extentions", but Pinetree Capital, PNP.TO has been an excellent pick.

What to do now?

In his last two issues of The Dines Report, Jim Dines devoted most of the editorial content to making the case that the bull market in uranium stocks is still ahead, not behind. In particular, he likes, among others, these two stocks, FRG and PNP.TO.

So I'm holding tight, will add more on any drops and am basically following Dines into this sector, which he thinks is THE sector for the new year.


Thursday, December 21, 2006


NTRZ was a pick from, a service I highlighted a few weeks ago, here. It was first brought to attention on Dec 12th as a "Stock to Watch", closing price $2.45. The on Monday Dec 18th Muathe sent out an Intra-day alert that NTRZ was breaking out, closing price that day was $2.45.

NTRZ hit $2.74 today. That's 11.8% from a $2.45 entry. But more meaningfully, as Eric Muathe points out repeatedly on his charts, the chart pattern is his standard breakout type set-up. This is why I like the service, its not just a source of trading ideas, it is a source of education on chart patterns, and one in particular that shows up again and again in the huge triple digit winners over the years. NTRZ may or may not become one of those, but even when using his recommended 5-10% stop, it is likely this pattern will catch enough of these doublers and triplers to make the effort worthwhile.

Someone sent me an email a while back, accusing me of being nothing but a shill. In the case of, a compliment.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Sally Says.....

For the uninitiated, Sally is our Lady of the I-buy, our near real time alert service that calls attention to insider buying on the open market, which itself is often a harbinger of higher stock prices. You can read more about Sally here.

Last week Sally pointed out that Insiders were all over NR - Newpark Resources. This is not a typical series of I-Buys, where Insiders try to scoop up a severely undervalued stock that has gotten unjustly whacked in the marketplace. Here, Insiders have been buying what they consider a severely undervalued stock as it is racing to new highs....every day last week. In the past five trading days NR has risen from $6.50, to $7.68 this morning, or about 20%.

NR started 2006 at about $9.50 a share. Is it headed back that high, or higher? NR's Insiders seem to be weighing in on this question with their wallets. As for me, 4 out of 5 I-buys are day-trades for me, trading the pop that usually follows the public dissemination of Insider-Buys.

But about one of the five, I hang onto longer term, and that is the case here. As long as NR is headed up, up toward double figures, I'm along for the ride.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sixteen Candles

Tired of having the bellowing, bald, banal Cramer on my front Blog, here is something new, something I've never done before at AllAllan.

Below are the sixteen stocks I am currently holding in the fund I manage. Although I do a lot of short term trading in the fund, one of my systems actually holds stocks over the course of weeks and/or months. It is this portion of the fund that is represented by these stocks.

All are bought on the basis of both fundamental and technical considerations, and those same considerations are put into play when removing a stock from the portfolio.

So for whatever it is worth, with all the usual cautions, disclaimers and limitations of warranties, express or implied, and without further ado-booyah, my sixteen candles: