Friday, November 17, 2006

Buying Breakouts

AMAG is up 25% today on some good news, but I have been in AMAG for several weeks and am up 40%+ from entry. Same for CHTR, I'm up 50% in three weeks. FTGX is up 15% in four weeks. What do all of these monster gains have in common?

There were all recommendations from

Here's the deal, it's two weeks free, then $159/year after that. Worth it? Those breakouts above weren't just some of the picks, they were each intra-day breakout pick I was sent since subscribing six weeks ago, except for the two latest picks which came this week and which I am not identifying because they are still fresh picks for paying subscribers.

I don't recommend pay sites very often, but this is one of the exceptions and exceptional it is.



curt504 said...

Thanks Allan,

I'm up big in FRG thanks to your tip a while ago.

You previously tipped Vulcan Oracle, mentioned Agora, I've been pestered from Tobin Smith's many offerings, Stransberry and others.

How would you rank the tip and picker services you subscribe to? Where would Mauthe be in that list? Sounds toward the top.

JMHO Tobin's short/option service has too many high risk tips. TS's "heat seaker" I feel trigers mostly on high risk plays.

Stransberry is negatively biased on the economy, politics, FX, pretty much everything so suggesting that calls on the VIX are a sure bet is just what they tell you to do. Except everyone else is crazed with buy the bad news [tol,phm, hd].

Allan I'm open minded to how to sort this stuff out?

tnx curt

Allan said...

curt, I would rank as one of the best, both for learning and for making money, which is the bottom line for me. As for others, Stansberry offers something called, "Microcap Moonshots" which has been outstanding for 1-2 day pops. Finally, I have never had any success with any of Tobin Smith's myriad of offerings, except his main one, and then only for initial pops after he adds new stocks.


Anonymous said...

For anyone who opts to subscribe to, there is a $100 referral program now being offered. If you mention Allan's name after you subscribe (just send them an email) he gets a $100 credit put on his credit card. Just a small way we can thank Allan for all he's given on this blog.


Anonymous said...


I just subscribe and put your name as my referral. Thank you for all the tips you have been given on this blog. I start visiting your blog last 2 months, and it helps me immensely.


mike said...
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