Friday, November 03, 2006

Paradigm - update

I received this email from Robert Taylor today and want to pass it on to everyone. His system has been short all week.

Dear Taylortrend subscribers,

The interactive forum is now open to the public. You will find the login slightly different but self-explanatory. Hopefully many more individuals will join in and pick up some insights from our members about trading the Xyber9 market forecasts.

I have also decided to open the Xyber9 market forecasts up to the public. I feel that my discovery should be enjoyed by all.

My intent is to bring attention to my book Paradigm and the essay The Taylor Effect and the Technical Appendix. If I get enough scientists in other non related scientific fields to look at gravitational fluctuations as a guideline or better said, a main driver of human behavior, then the paradigm will truly begin.

My main goal is to open the minds of specialists in many different scientific fields, for instance, geophysics, geyser activity, ice flows in the North Atlantic, hurricane frequencies, rain and drought cycles, personal fitness, criminal behavior patterns, psychology and medical science just to name a few.

I appreciate all your comments and continued support for my program. Please login into the Interactive Forum if you have any questions about trading the Xyber9 market forecasts or have answers for the less experienced investor/trader.

I will be posting in the website soon a real time trading chart which will display a trading account I opened on October the 20th. This trading account will incorporate my tax deferred hedge strategy, which is always long the Spiders (symbol SPY) and short the S&P500 E-minis for the weekly down trends only. The securities account is a standard brokerage account. The futures account is set up in an IRA futures account. I will be providing my trading intentions for this account one week in advance of any actions I will be taking in the weekly forecasts updates. You might find this real time trading exercise worth watching. We will be providing more information about this trading account as soon as the webmaster has the page ready to open.

Again, thank you for your continued interest and support.

Best regards,
Robert Taylor

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Allan and thanks to Robert Taylor for the generous offer. I will definately check this out. Best regards, Joe