Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mini Flu Basket

At the top of my list of Flu stocks is NNVC, a topic already well covered in prior blogs. We like NNVC for a host of reasons, Avian, Swine and other forms of Flu among them. For today's blog, I want to focus on three low priced stocks that are running in the atmosphere of a global flu pandemic, BCRX, HEB and NVAX.

BCRX - Hourly

HEB - Hourly

NVAX - Hourly

The only feature I considered today before buying these three stocks is that they were all in Wave 3 advances based on their hourly price charts. Although it is possible that I bought them all at their Wave 3 peaks, that is unlikely, especially since all are nicely up from my purchase prices early in today's session.

What am I looking for here?

Something like this:



Unknown said...

My 30min BWT chart chart flipped short for ES mid-day today. The afternoon rally might turn it into a whipsaw but there are certainly signs of weakness at this point. The 30min had been long since early on the 13th (at my settings).

Unknown said...

I especially like how BCRX has only 30M shares of float.


Anonymous said...

Mike, what's ES?


Unknown said...

>what's ES?

The S&P 500 futures contract. Not related to this post but adding it here seemed more relevant than a few posts down.

Kyle Muir said...

I am watching HEB come close to a support around 2.10 due to the approval not going through. I think there is a support somewhere there...If it bounces can I still expect safe entry at the better price?

Ubreako said...

Have a look at Jazz and AVNR.

Anonymous said...

ur site is beddy beddy boring now....snoooorrrrreeee!