Monday, July 27, 2009

Flu basket follow-up

Last week I published an analysis of a few likely beneficiaries of Swine Flu publicity. Let's take a look at this idea, one week later.

NNVC - 60 minute

NNVC has risen from about 65c to 75c, a gain of about 15%.

BCRX - 60 minute

BCRX has risen from about 6.30 to 11.30, a gain of 80%

NVAX - 60 minute

NVAX is up from about 3.00 to 4.23, a gain of about 40%.

HEB - 60 minute

HEB spiked up but fell victim to some bad news and as a result, sits about right where it was last week, at about 2.45. I was stopped out last week on the bad news, a little bit lower then current prices.

As a basket, the group is up about 30%. What now?

Time to use your TA to protect profits, using a trailing stop, or a Daily Sell Triangle, or a Blue Wave Trend reversal.

Except for NNVC, which is not to be sold under $100 a share.



Anonymous said...

NNVC to the moon !!!

Anonymous said...

Allan, heb price appears to be enticing compared to m.flue basket
Would it be still a buy?

Allan said...


I don't like those 33% Down days, no matter how compelling the fundamentals, especially when there are other low priced stocks in the sector to chose from. A couple of closes above 2.50 might garner my interest, but HEB is not there yet.

Dave said...

Woe is me when I have to pay the tax man on the gains when I sell at $101. Lord knows what the tax rate will be then. It's still a good problem to have. :-)

Anonymous said...


Of topic, but on Renko charting and analyzing typically put in tight stops to protect your trend gain. I have been toying with 1-1.5 trailing stops. If it is proprietary, sory for asking, but wondering what you think about renko charting and devising good stops. I have to think about this because I can't watch the market all day. Thanks for anything you can give me to think about. Great blog.