Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Charts & Opportunities

SRSR - Daily

BCRX - Daily

NVAX - Weekly



Anonymous said...

Wow! What happened? All the bashing got to you? Come on man! Why only posting charts and letting the reader decide how to interpret? I thought this blog is ALL ALLAN.

Allan said...

I figure the people who get know exactly why I chose those charts and the ones that don't get it, well, no words or analysis will get through anyway, so why bother?

Anonymous said...

It has been long time since i didn't come through NVAX (I left it below $1)
Wow its now $3.20 and heading to $3.5 and more....
How come NNVC still in its place?
I do hope things change to better as we have been waiting very long...

Something else, Allan, i always appreciate everything you post here in this blog,i'm losing and winning and watching and learning but can't you to certain extents restrict appearances of some responses as the one shown above?
Really they don't deserve reply from you.


Allan said...


Only way is to go to moderation, which is a pain but it does do away with the riff-raff.


Anonymous said...

Serge, all posts add to this blog. I bet half of the hits are from people like me.

Allan said...


Here is where I first wrote it up, circa $0.08:


My cost is a little under $0.03, for about a 5 bagger so far, but I'm holding out for at least a 10 bagger.

KM said...


New reader. Introduced by a friend. Usually read google blogs. Your blog has good stuff. I am looking at that SRSR. What kind of a trade is this? I see they do drilling? I am having a tough time charting this and telling the difference between a pump and dump and something I should drop $ on.


ken said...

your thoughts on srsr hit .209

now down to .13