Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2009 - Part II

Below is a 30-minute SPY chart, integrating the "3-Line Break Point" charting technique with the Blue Wave Trend Model. I have a link to Blue Wave at the bottom of this blog's front page and as far as the Point Break charting goes, you can generate your own at Stockcharts ("Three Line Break") or any state-of-the-art charting programs.

I am able to follow along real time now, anticipating new signals by taking note of the Blue Wave stop/reversal levels. This establishes the integrity of what I am doing, all signals seen above have now been confirmed as being given as shown in real time trading. Those of you who have experience in system development understand the importance of this finding.

Here is a close up of the past two days trading:

Sell @ 92.70
Buy @ 91.65
Sell @ 92.95

Below the past three days of SDS:

Sell @ 55.45
Buy @ 54.68
Sell @ 55.48
Buy @ 54.18

Google? I thought you would never ask:

Sell @ 425.28
Buy @ 420.62
Sell @ 423.59
Buy @ 420.48

It's going to be a heck of a second half of the year; these models along with the pending economic Armageddon, other then Scarlet Johansson, what else can we ask for?



Anonymous said...

She works out at my gym. Do you have something you'd like to pass along? ;)

Allan said...

Wrong verb.....

sara said...

Beautiful Girl !

Anonymous said...

Nice Allan, I for one appreciate your new chart set ups. Thanks for the trouble you endure trying to educate us in the most interesting and obvious fields, which most of us overlook on a daily basis.

Angelo said...

looks good!

Anonymous said...

I don't think her hubby would like the verb change. ;>0

Anonymous said...

Nothing is as easy as it seems. Regardless of what charting method you choose, when combined with the Blue Wave Signals (no matter what periodicity) in real time life gets much tougher.

But I am a huge fan scantily clad young women.

Mike said...

Have been reading Trading In The Zone order to quell the emotional side of trading.

But with recent references to lap dances and this recent pic...

I'm a basketcase.


SM said...

Hi Allan,

Would be interested to know your thoughts on which of the renko/bluewave and 3pb/bluewave works better with blue wave.


Allan said...

Satbir: Still deep into observation phase but a pattern is emerging that suggests 3-line breaks are a better fit.

Michael Lomker said...

Not sure how Allan is handling Blue Wave entries but if you wait for those big candles to close then:

1) You're very unlikely to get a fill at the number that BWT puts on the chart.

2) If you wait for the candle close on entry and the exit then there's not much profit remaining in between, regardless of timeframe.

I just bought BWT, so I do find it interesting enough to have on my chart. Squeezing a profit out of those signals isn't as easy the finished chart looks, though!

Anonymous said...

Exactly right!

Michael Lomker said...
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Michael Lomker said...

Spent some time messing around with BWT settings. If you trade ES, try a 6 range bar with the Precision Trend at 2.2 sensitivity.

It looks very nice over the last few trading days--would have kept me short for most of the drop.