Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Updates - by special request

I usually collect special requests and save them for days when I don't have anything else to write about, like today. I'm also answering one person in particular who is not and does not want to be an active trader, just wants to buy and hold stocks that are going up. Quaint concept. Nonetheless, as promised, two of your stocks are included below.


TGB was written-up back in January, just after it pierced through the $1.00 level. Other then some choppy action in June, it has been trending up the entire time. No reason to do anything here, it's going in the right direction without any help from my analysis.


GFRE was highlighted back in December at $0.22 and has been a solid performer, quietly ringing up a 200% gain. If it breaks below $0.55, I will take some off the table, otherwise, just holding into the uptrend.


CGLD was part of a mid-January gold strategy. It's up about 30%, but it's chart is neutral at best, and a Blue Wave SELL at worse. The run has stalled, no way to make anything else out of it.


CXM was blogged in April when I wrote that if it broke through $1.87, it would target $3.50. Well it broke through $1.87 and ran all the way to $3.10 in June, for a quick 100%. I think it still goes to $3.50, but note that it did fall all the way back to around entry after the spike up in June. Pick 'em.


QLTI was written up along with CXM in April. It as risen from around $2 to $3.30 for a gain of about 65%. Unlike CXM, this one is off to the races. Both CXM and QLTI were Trade Triangle picks from Market Club. But only QLTI remains on a Weekly Triangle BUY:

I know there have been other stocks mentioned here in the past six months or so, some worked, some didn't, but these are the ones where updates have been requested. Of the stocks updated here, two stand out as Buys today. Knowing me, can you guess which two they are? I'll name them in a Comment soon after posting this blog.



A said...

The two charts that are current BUYS are TGB and QLTI.....but you knew that, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on SPNG?

Anonymous said...

NOTHING else to write about!? After today is this market going up or down? I was anticipating major down, but after today it just looks like another small a-b-c correction and we are heading up again! It cannot stay up much longer for the daily stochastics are at an extreme.


A said...

cramer - Go heavily short if the market breaks below today's lows. Otherwise, either stand aside or go with the uptrend.

not much for a whole blog, eh?

A said...

re: SPNG

Naw, only one penny at a time, SRSR is it for now.

Anonymous said...


Can you comment on the recent report and reaction on srsr. Sorry to keep asking, but really would like to know your current thoughts. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Both CXM and QLTI were Trade Triangle picks from Market Club.

Upon selecting CXM and QLTI from MC
Which category you entered?
Smart scan ,Triangles trading, 52 week high.....

Wayne said...

potential red triangle triggers:

daily: 965.95
weekly: 869.32


Anonymous said...

ACTC seems poised to break out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan,
When you say "SRSR is it for now." What exactly does that mean? Does that mean it is dead for a while or does that mean SRSR is the stock to be in right now? Your insight has been truly helpful to me.

Anonymous said...

hi Allan, any thoughts on China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (CCTR.OB) ???
thanks, Alfaomega.

Anonymous said...

I know you want only one penny at a time but check out Perry's NBRI.

Smiddywesson said...


Buy and Hold? I remember hearing about that somewhere. Hmmm, let me see... Oh yes, wasn't that a convenient offshoot of Efficient Market Theory? (Well, efficient for the brokerage firms I guess.)

If you are in a perfect storm, is it really all that relevant which boat has the most bouyancy? They are all going to rise and fall in the 100 foot waves. You can jump aboard the best Buy and Hold stocks, but that investing style makes me seasick.


Unknown said...

Thank you very much for The Obama Deception, oh so true....