Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday intra-day chart update

The middle chart is GLD, for the hordes of Gold Bulls out know who you are.



Anonymous said...


Interesting that you posted the VALUE LINE index too.

With you being a system trader, I'm just wondering if you place any special value in tracking this particular index?

I was recently reading about this older system: Martin Zweig VALUE LINE 4%.

I guess it has quite a track record of success but doesn't seem nowhere as reactive is you can be using your methodologies.


A said...

Value Line has been the strongest of the stock indexes since March, having recovered a fibo 78.6% of the 2008 decline and then recently turning down. It may be a leading index and bears watching.

As for Zweig, he had the right idea back in the 1980's, rule-based objective trading. BWT and ATR are mere refinements of that general idea.

Anonymous said...

Allan - if you don't mind sharing, which trading platform do you use? TradeStation, Ninja or eSignal?


A said...


Anonymous said...

thanks! Is it the "eSignal, Advanced GET Edition" or "eSignal". I'm trying to figure out which one will work with the BWT Precision Auto Trader and Indicators.

A said...

I have eSignal Advanced GET Edition, but I think BWT will work on any eSignal platform. Ask Randy @ BWT.

A said...


The Auto Trader only works with Ninja Trader or Traestation...please advise your readers...



Randy M. Sarrow