Friday, September 18, 2009


  • Main Entry: pre·cur·sor
  • Pronunciation: \pri-ˈkər-sər, ˈprē-ˌ\
  • Function: noun
  • Etymology: Middle English precursoure, from Latin praecursor, from praecurrere to run before, from prae- pre- + currere to run — more at current
  • Date: 15th century

1 a : one that precedes and indicates the approach of another b : predecessor
2 : a substance, cell, or cellular component from which another substance, cell, or cellular component is formed

synonyms see forerunner

Value Line Index

There are currently 1,626 companies included in the index that are publicly listed on the following exchanges[1]:
American Stock Exchange - 8 companies
NASDAQ - 511 companies
New York Stock Exchange - 1,087 companies
Toronto Stock Exchange - 20 companies

Value Line 90 & 120 minute Intermediate Trend



Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan,

We meet again, I wish it were under more fortunate circumstances.

Typically. I have posted some of my picks of your picks before during and after the trade.

Alas, I have not done so recently, why, because the whole of your trades are weak.

As we free Greeks say "All of the figs on the tree are rotten."

You are clearly not in the favor of the Gods as one trade after the next gets bashed to death.

Please correct this. I have made millions off of your advice over the years and after my morning prayers, breakfast and two shots of ouzo, I always read your blog. THEN I put on my positions.

But something is off balance, I have had no trades to report.

Nor do the Athenians or those at Marathon who also read your blog whom I correspond with.

May I be going out of my way to ask you to sacrifice something the the Gods as an offering of the submission of your will to them?

Southern Greece

A said...


As I recall, you hunt and peck amongst my ideas and make your own selections based on what makes sense to you. By doing so, you always risk choosing the wrong ideas to implement while foregoing the ultimate winners. Cases in point, stellar gains in the flu basket, 600% gains in GFRE and up to 100% gains in the past year in NNVC. Hard to consider these shining examples as, "...getting bashed to death."

I guess what I am saying is look inward for your path out of whatever morass you find yourself in.

T said...

.....mmm...That was an interesting post...
I thought My wavelength was 'different'....anyway...thanks for these 2 charts Allan... while I'm not any confirmed expert,I think I'm becoming an unconfirmed expert at chart reading...(from thousands of hours on forex)

My take on these charts is the idea that Price fails to go Down when it HOLDS at a support, like what these charts are currently (emphasize currently)showing, is a double bottom holding . Failing to go down tries to go the more critical thing to watch IF price holds at this double bottom level....going into next week, is to see that price MUST break above the last high and hold above it.

Failing to break above 2200...and... or at least holding at 2185 area after bouncing off 2200,a couple of bounces off 2200 and failing to break above 2200...would become a critical issue to watch out for.

today is the New Moon Energy (reversal) energy...maybe the market will hold here and begin the next leg up to target sept 30. the next full moon is october 3...but the play would be to complete at sept.30.
3rd quarter end,etc

My gut says Anything could happen in these next 2 weeks. but if you are describing a 'precursor' to the next big best guess would be sept.30/oct.1
I'd be curious what that astrologer thinks.
because if the big reversal doesnt happen now (new moon) the next astrological timing would be the full moon time ...sept 30/oct.1

Anonymous said...

Ahh Allan:

Introspection is always wise and the path to anything is within yourself but we are all beholden to the Gods as well.

In order for your trading to improve, you must regain the Gods' favour.

That is why I suggested a sacrifice.

Southedn Greece

A said...

I've ordered a goat.

Anonymous said...


To what level do you the work of W.D. Gann in your trading?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmnn, Goat? Have you selected a wine to serve with the Goat?