Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday interim update, part III

Two major technical forces are about to collide in the S&P 500.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Allan for bringing into attention this link from market club
Any possible new highs before oct 11?
Thx for your OREX

T said...

Interesting the analyst says "october 11" as a key time to watch for. But I would think that a more critical moment would be something like the 3rd Q earnings report,as a trigger,whatever day it comes out, maybe the day or two before it comes out if you see alot of insiders selling, or buying,as well as the completion of any 5 th wave,whatever day that happens upon...I personally add to that the new and full moon energy 'reversal' signal,which for that time period would be around oct.1st to 3rd area (full moon) and oct.17 area for new moon. but,astrologically,...the 11th of october would not have any special energy pull to it,short of news releases or whatever.

....if we are entering a 'wave 4' now it could slide sideways in multi zig zags for a stretching out period...maybe the timing would push 5 of 5 end into november.cant tell right now.

T said...

...wave (1) from March bottom (full moon) took /3 months\ to top on June 3 (a full moon)
wave (2) down took /one month\ roughly to July 4 area (full moon) a double bottom bounce on july 13...wave(3),which might still be ongoing,as 4 of 5 of 3, has taken (2 and 1/2 months),(3 months to october 3)...if this becomes the true end of 'wave 3' then a wave 4 could slide sideways down for a few months ,and we might not see the final wave 5 of 5 complete until the new year.'s not like your grandfather's Rigged Game of 1929.
It's the 'new normal' in the computer age 21st. century style.

Dave said...

Here's another perspective....

Brian B. said...

Market Club just put up a new video on gold too. Very interesting:

Anonymous said...


Can you measure the exact collision
(if any)?

A said...

Looks like 1122.