Sunday, September 27, 2009

Growth Stock Analytics

Growth Stock Analytics is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is probably all we need to know about this service, since Michigan is undefeated this year and since yours truly is a member of the Class of 1971.

For those still laboring with a stiff dose of skepticism up their behinds, let's take a closer look at what these guys offer traders and investors. They run a number of strategies based on proprietary methodologies centered around high EPS and Relative Strength stocks. This is the same market approach espoused by William O'Neill and Investors Business Daily, Louis Navellier and Modern Portfolio Theory. In a nutshell, isolate common characteristics of insanely successful stocks, i.e. 10 baggers, apply those characteristics to your database and then focus on those stocks that land at the top of the heap.

Here is a past example of a stock pick with underlying analysis:

GSA combines bullish and bearish patterns and not afraid to SHORT stocks showing characteristics consistent with falling prices. The combination portfolio has an outstanding track record fully documented on the site.

Their "Top Picks & Shorts" portfolio has returned 128.33% since April, 2004, compared to a return of 1.28% for the same period in the NASDAQ.

What is impressive about this record is that the period includes a wide range of market bias, from strongly bullish to choppy-neutral to strongly bearish.

There are numerous other features of this service, including an interesting Trend Following Model that has returned an average of about 33% per year over the past three years.

In addition, the GSA database screener is extremely user friendly for do-it-yourself types who prefer their own stock selection using breakouts, gaps, base breakouts, earnings accelerating, or even extended stocks-Short as filters. All of the above can be filter further between short-term or swing selections.

There is a one month trial available and after that annual subscriptions are a reasonable $199 with quarterly and six month subscriptions available.

I've been meaning to write up this service for several weeks because it is a relatively unknown source of trading ideas and models, is inexpensive and is in my stable of tools. Take a trial and see what you think, "There's always an idea, somewhere."



Unknown said...

Sounds like great research source.

Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

Skepticism? Hardly!
Lets just say: SOLD!

I've been doing well with my major indice trades, but didn't want to venture in the stock arena without "an added edge". This may be be exactly what I've been searching for.

Hope you decide to cover more of your thoughts and ideas in this area in the future :-)

e.g. I'd love to hear if you should potentially discover the next super growth story would you trade around it like a system or hang on for dear life? Chart could create a perfect 45 angle or look like QCOM.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...


Why is NNVC dropping today? What gives?