Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still friends......

The above charts address the Intermediate trend. When these models flip to SHORT, I will consider the Intermediate trend in play. Note the the process has apparently already begun.

Also note the bottom indicator. This is proprietary to Blue Wave, called the Blue Wave Trading Precision Oscillator. Click on the charts to enlarge and study the indicator, especially how it correlates with the Blue Wave Trading and ATR models on the price chart.

I believe that you can learn more from observing then I can share with you by describing.



Odelys said...

I wish you were right and the great collapse is really before the door...

But Prechter's view in general is not worth the paper it is printed on. Neely has some years when he is brilliant and others when he is the perfect loser. Recently, he was not bad. Does it mean he's gonna be the loser again next?

I know that something is wrong with this market, but as Keynes said it can go further than you can keep your shorts...

Anyway, good work! Go on with it.

Anonymous said...

Odelys said, "I wish you were right and the great collapse is really before the door..." that what we've come to? Praying for the big crash so that you can short and have a big payday?

That's freakin' great...

thomas said...

......with regard,specifically to these charts, they are confirming what my gut is telling me, the indicators I use, fibs,trendlines,common sense,the contrarian vision that heard bernanke say all is well the other day...and last but not least, my little peculiar indicator in the sky, that has demonstrated all year its reliability at times like these....friday is the new moon,as was the full moon prior ,on sept.2...they are 'reversal' energies...and my instinct tells me to trust this combination of factors. Your charts confirm it for me.
I started liquidating my stocks into cash,some tight stops ,etc..I wish I had gotten all of it done last night and avoided todays loses. it will be done by tonite for sure.
all except NNVC
I'm leaving maybe 35% in play still, in case there is a sudden reversal upswing friday.

Bottom line is ... Friday, the triple witching day,is opening with a triangle at a critical starting gate.
Something HAS to happen friday.
I think it's wise to play it very safe .

BUT... the other bottom line, from the "Rigged Game" perspective,is that the Game Controllers have just started 'sucking the sheeple back into the game'.... strategically, they wouldnt want to let the market tank two days later like this,and ruin the efforts theyve made to engineer investor confidence, which remains so fragile ,if the market were to have another big down day friday going into the weekend, that would not be the way I would engineer the rigged my best guess from this frame of mind is ....the new moon 'reversal' we might see tomorrow, might just be a big recovery blast UP,and big sighs of relief and happy days are here again to enter the weekend. Thats why I'm staying partly invested in select things.
I cant see the Game Controllers letting the rally (their phony reality)fall apart right now.
....happy triple witching day....

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan
Love your site!
OUt of interest could you run your software over apple for me please? Man that is nearly approaching a triple top with its previous highs. Unbelievable.

SM said...

Hi Allan,
Just like the BWT stop are kind of like ATR trailing stops, what is the most analogous indicator for the BWT precision oscillator in your opinion ? adx perhaps ? I am playing with using ATR trailing stops qualified with ADX being over a certain level. It seems to be giving pretty good results but it'd be interesting to know the principle behind the bwt precision oscillator.
thanks much,