Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SPY < 106

If SPY can break below 106 and stay below 106, it's a SHORT



Anonymous said...

I'd be very surprised to see the markets go down from here. Heading higher! You need to stop listening to Prechter, the trend is your friend!

thomas said...

....I disagree. the elliot wave is your real friend. the 'trend' is nothing more than the road the 'rigged game' Masters are taking us all down.
It IS time to be prepared for a Reversal.
Whether it is THE big reversal of the whole wave,or an intermediate reversal is impossible to know right now...but October 1,the start of the 4th quarter,at a Critical s/r point like this is very forboding.... I would imagine it will require a tremendous 'stick save' by the Game Controllers to keep the uptrend alive.
My logical sense of psychology of the rigged game tells me that THEY dont want the market to crash yet. UNLESS they intend to invade Iran now.
I believe the correlation between the two events will be what causes a market crash of this magnitude.Otherwise I would expect to see a 'smaller reversal',one less panic stricken to the public mind...like a correction to the august low,for the month of october.
But clearly,these days are very Critical,the next few days...its crunch time for the whole game.
....a big move up to 1100 or a big move down to 1000.

Analyzing the charts is good ,but I think we also need to analyze the Political Tensions that would be the trigger for a big wave down.