Saturday, September 12, 2009

Views and news

For starters, I want to provide a quick overview of the big picture seen through the weekly charts of some major averages. Time allowing later this weekend, some engaging new ideas on stock picking.

SPX Weekly

NDX Weekly

Russell 2000 Weekly

XAU Weekly

NNVC Daily

Of particular significance on above NNVC chart, a textbook cup-and-handle stretching back six months, Buy signals from both Blue Wave and ATR and bullish mode for False Bar Stochastic.

IBPM Daily

This is a line chart of IBPM. I am using the "line" mode because this is a thinly traded stock (for now) and in from this perspective, the resistance level at 0.99 can be clearly seen.

iBioPharma has a market cap of about $23M and is in the right place at the right time:

iBioPharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of proprietary products from plants in the United States It uses and promotes the proprietary plant-based technology platform, which produces targeted proteins in plants for the development and manufacture of novel vaccines and therapeutics for use in humans, as well as for veterinary applications. The company is also developing product candidates for the biodefense market and for infectious diseases. Its preclinical stage product portfolio includes diagnostic product for pandemic avian influenza, seasonal influenza vaccine, pandemic influenza vaccine, therapeutic antibody for influenza, therapeutic vaccine for human papilloma virus, and an oral anthrax booster vaccine.

In the news.......




Red Wing Pavel Datsyuk loads his luggage onto a bus in the parking lot at Joe Louis Arena.



thomas said...

lots of information to process with all these charts.
looking forward to your comments.
For me,I have learned not to trust this rigged game,the government engineers behind it pulling the global market strings,nor the mainstream media propaganda mouthpiece that trumpets the mind control they want the public to think.
In a true free market system, real inside info about insiders selling their shares Would be a real sign of warning....but in today's bizarre world of ...the 'new normal'.... I'm learning to 'translate' all their language thru a 'conspiratorial lens'...which tells me that when they say go,be ready to stop...when they say sell,be ready to buy...when they say the swine flu vaccine is safe...beware of it....etc.
THEY ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR TV not adjust your set,all is under control....I just want to learn how to read between the lines ,4 layers deep,for a glimpse behind the curtain ,the smokescreen,the rigged game.....always asking..."why are they releasing this info to the public?" what are they trying to manipulate and engineer next? what is the next piece of the puzzle they are putting in place,and for what purpose.?
...and how should my investment strategy react to it.
(note:allan,dont post my comments if they are too far off topic for youe blog,I come here to learn what I can from the good work you do, but dont want to discolor the tone in any way,or hijack anything...T)
maybe what I'm offering is a counterperspective to the computer trading systems that crunch numbers but dont 'see' anything geopolitical.i dunno.

T said...

Prechter issued his alert warning of the market top ,at the August 3 top,that this was the end and get ready for the big crash ,wave 3 down..(my paraphrase)...BUT...that hasnt happened at all yet...(Why is that ??)
...instead we have a higher high now, and ...?? where to from here??

I subscribe to EWI newsletters,but read them now with one eye cautiously, and one eye a believer...and with trifocals that gives me 6 blurry eyes looking at these markets....the one eye in the back of my head is the one trying to look at what the Game Controllers are doing...

A said...

I watched a National Geographic two-part documentary on 9/11 yesterday, trying to disprove the "911-Truth" groups. It was so weak, it ended up giving credibility to the conspiracists. I do believe this invisible hand permeates a lot more then just our financial markets. When we are all filthy rich, I'll do some blogs on it.....unless of course, becoming filthy rich changes my mind about such matters.

T said...

Yeah,the selling of the government's version of 911 is a challenge for them,I'm sure.But I remember being shocked when someone first said to me that Oswald didnt do it.what do you mean,grassy knoll, what's this about a grassy knoll....

I havent looked extensively at all the charts yet, just the NDX weekly, and a little of the NNVC chart.
That nnvc,looks interesting...first glance seems like a very strong support now at .80,curious what your thoughts are as you look at it.
I feel like shaving off the extreme spikes when I draw my trendlines...looking to reflect some flow that is more normal looking.but cup and handle ,sure is there ok..I wouldnt be surprized to see the next movement up establish 1.00 area as the next support level. 20 cents from 60 to 80 and 20 cents from 80 to 1.00 isnt that how the cup and handle thing works?

T said...

...the nnvc cup and handle...maybe I need to extend that a bit...the cup fills the range from 60 to 1.00 and the handle from 80 to 1.00

I think I'm looking at your red circle A as a "1" of 5 completed,the red circle B as a "2" of 5 completed, the current red circle C as a 1 of 5 of 3 ongoing, with the next leg maybe holding around 90 as completing the 2 of 5 of 3...and holding at 90 area would forecast the next leg as 3 of 5 of "3"...going up, which ought to be a big blast up,being a 3 in the '3'wave...since 'my' wave 1(red circle B to red circle C) covers about 18 cents, I would forecast the next wave(3) up to give us 30 (?) it wouldnt surprize me...which would bring it to the 1.20 area...and trendlines drawn look good to fit that space,establishing 1.20 as a new top and 1.00 as the bottom support.

by the looks of this chart I'd be shocked to see nnvc ever drop below 80 now.presuming 90 area holds steady in the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

ref NNVC: if they get some interesting PRs out before the end of Nov, all your forecasts could be right but until then, I'll just wait out for the tax season.......!!!

mac said...

Iwill be seeing the wings soon, on the ice and on the golf couse. in t.c.

Anonymous said...

what is your definition of filthy rich?

thomas said...

....I dont know if anyone will see this posted to a stale entry here...but I wanted to post it somewhere, to reflect the kind of 'fundamental geo-political news ' Item that I think offers a 'clue' as to what the near future holds for the markets.
I've been on the look out for these kind of clues.
Not being sure whether to exit full all positions (or at least selling 1/2) and start some shorting.... come the end of this week (sept.17area) or hope and pray the rally lasts to october 1...and Then get out into cash... being fearful of bombs and bank failures and whatever else the Game Controllers have planned for the world... here comes this article offering what looks to me like an important Clue....
Maybe we are safe until October 1...and that is also the next (dont laugh) Full Moon Energy/Reversal Time.

T said...

the link didnt work, sorry.

you can go to "Raw Story" and find it...says IRAN set to hold talks with the world governments on october 1.
I cant see Israel bombing them before that. that would be too naughty.