Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Flu basket stocks

Our Flu Basket initiated on July 21 and July 29 is working out, with 4 of the 5 stocks showing extraordinary gains. Here are chart snapshots of the action with approximate performance returns, so far:

BCRX +85%

NVAX +100%

HEB -27%

SVA +190%

OPK +50%

NNVC +34%

The Flu Basket is up an average of 72% in about six weeks.



Anonymous said...

you missed CVM ...it did well too

Tom/NJ said...


Is there still room to run (to get in)??

Thanks Tom/NJ

Pivot Trend said...

Allan, great job. I wish I had followed your call on this one..... I promise I won't miss your next one.

Anonymous said...

Allan, what happened to the short term run for NNVC to $1.85?

Allan said...

Oh, give me a break. 72% gain across six stocks isn't good enough? Yea, you're right. My bad.

Seriously, it's coming, no matter what happens in to the market this fall, NNVC will shine.

thomas said...

geez.... I had read just a glance a while back in your blog about .... a 'basket' of these.
I wasnt paying enough attention because the topic of the day was NNVC....so I only bought nnvc...

is it too late to buy the others?

how do I buy the basket, each one individually, at the next dips... ?

thomas said...

...ah yes, thats right ... you did say nnvc will hit 1.85....lol... but i will keep my promise as a good boyscout, and give you 10 k when it makes me a million... ( I will,in fact, do this)

Ubreako said...

Is it true that BCRX drug has not passed any trials and its getting funding to go for development ??