Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just words, Wednesday night

I saw you
When you were not looking
Searching my eyes
As I have so often
Searched in yours.
I wonder if you saw
That you were mine?

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Anonymous said...

I saw you
a week later,
a week too late
for good to come of it
so my heart still lost
for the sound
I did not hear
but my hope I hope
will still draw us near.

Anonymous said...

....why does nnvc go up and down like its me a thousand one day and taking it away the next?
what am I to think of this, it truly has me vexed.

san xia said...

I saw you
as you saw me
with perfect vision
that god wants it be

But the neural network in our mind
tells we are different kind
We drift light year apart
while still hand in hand

It got to hurt
but who'd mind?

DrFeelgood said...

The Stalker Song
(I'll Be Watching You)

Oh, can't you see

You belong to me

Now my poor heart aches

With every step you take

Every move you make

Every vow you break

Every smile you fake

Every claim you stake

I'll be watching you


Anonymous said...

It is sad when people you know become people you knew. It is one of lifes great tragedies when you meet someone you know is truly meant for you, but due to unexpected circumstances and unfortunate circumstances, that person becomes someone you knew. And when you can walk right past that someone who that, at one time was your whole life. And how you could talk for hours about nothing, just the little nothings in life. And now you can barely look at them and they at you? And all you have left is that empty aching feeling so deep in your heart and so deep in your soul, that will never ever truly go away.